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Mission Architect ?

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Yes, the Mission Architect system is where you can play in missions created by other players. And make your own missions for other players to try, if you feel like it.

More info here: https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Mission_Architect.

There are Architect Entertainment buildings in a lot of zones, both redside and blueside. The lowest-level zones with an AE building are Kings Row for heroes and Port Oakes for villains. AFAIK there is not a minimum level requirement to use the Mission Architect, but I might be wrong - I have never tried to acces it with a lowbie character. 

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Any level can go in (as evidenced by lowbies being door sitters on farm maps). If you're looking for story content, you can tailor your search by using SFMA in your search string. You'll find player-made content of all levels. If your toon is below level for the mish, it will raise them up to min mish level. If your toon is higher, the opposite occurs. There are quite a few multi-arc stories, and some "mega-stories" consisting of dozens of mishes. Be advised: player-created content is often a bit tougher than default story content. Best to come prepared.:-)

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Looking for SFMA content over multiple arcs? Search for the following under "cranebump.LONG FORM: Ordinary People [3 parts] Investigation of a series of thefts leads you deep into a vengeful plot that threatens all of Paragon City. Will you and Kings Row's "ordinary" heroes be able to stop it? Leviathan [5 parts] The  assassination of a local politician with national aspirations sets off a media frenzy among everyone's favorite reactionary network, NewsAnon. Among their targets? You. Mobius [5 Parts]:  Visions of past, present, and possibility collide, as you and the Autumn Wards unravel the mystery of the 7-year time gap. Fallout (3 Parts) When your initial investigation into a theft at a local S&L reveals a connection to its stolen tech, the drawn-down Autumn Wards bring you in to investigate. The Cage Series [3 parts]: The Iron Widow is back! Or...is she? Your vigilante philosophy is put to the test in this tale of shifting loyalties and outright deceit.  The Bleed [3 parts]: Your investigation of arcane fissures in IP leads you to uncover a 100-year old secret shrouded in magic, blood, and betrayal. Noble Mettle [2 parts]: A Sky Raider raid on the Paragon Commodities Commission turns from simple kidnapping to a complicated scheme involving mercenaries, "Communists," economics, and chemistryBlack Chamber [2 parts]: LB straightarrow Sefu Tenjadi hires villainous you to look into the murder of an old friend, opening the door to a VG conspiracy that imperils millions. One Shots:  Of Guns and Asa Ronan; The Tenuous State of Grace; Garden of the Will; Gravity; The Book of Bond's; The Lost Girls; Injustice Systems; Wednesday’s Wyverns; Of ‘Dine and Men; Dark Legacy; Shadow and Silver, The Re-education of Westin Phipps, Potter's Field; Magnjficence; Squalls and the Comet, Turf

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12 hours ago, wmtyrance said:

Is this the player made content and what level do you have to be to enter?


You can create and play AE missions as soon as you can get to an AE location in the game.


The person that creates a mission picks the level of the content by writing that into the missions.


if you are looking for non-farming AE content - look for the tags listed in this link https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Mission_Architect_Tags


There are plenty of posts where people list their AE content like this one: 


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Some of them even know that I have them on ignore.

But that won't stop some of them from bullying and harassing people, because some of them love to do it.

It is who they are. There is a group of them that have banded together to do it. They think that it is acceptable.

Ignore is a tool to improve your gaming experience. Don't feel bad about using it.

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14 hours ago, wmtyrance said:

but the kings row place was empty.

You can run Architect Entertainment missions alone, you are not dependent on having other players (or rather, other player characters) together with you.  Go to one of the computer console-looking thingies in the big AE room and search for an interesting mission. After you select and confirm the mission, you go talk to one of the NPC's who stand around the shimmering, Matrix-esque data stream in the middle of the room. 


Unless by "...hoping to get some levels..." you mean that you were hoping to join another player's farming mission and get some exp that way. In which case, yes, you would be dependent on finding other players who happen to be farming at the same time you are there. But once they enter their mission, you won't actually see them in the AE building anyway. So there might be lots of other people using the AE in the same building as you, but you can only see them for the brief time they spend in-between AE missions.

If, on the other hand, you were looking for other players to team with on a non-farming AE mission, e.g. one of the SFMA-tagged missions like Cranebump mentioned, then I would say your best bet is to shout out in the LFG channel that you are looking for like-minded players to join you on an AE mission.

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If you want farming, go hang out in Pocket D's AE, lots of people always in there doing only that.


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On 10/3/2023 at 7:51 PM, TerroirNoir2 said:

You don't say???!!!

I..think I'm one of the ones who started that, but....I was soon joined by other perpetrators!

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Darkest Before Dawn: Part Two (Arc id 30210) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part Three (Arc id 30560) |

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