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Peacebringer Combat Flight should use Hover's animation


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Peacebringers get the flight powers baseline. My understanding is aside from some extra VFX, Energy flight is supposed to be identical to Flight and Combat Flight is supposed to be identical to hover.


These days, Hover has a pose that is different from flight, although at launch they use to share the same pose. Leaning forward to fly as such low speeds was seen as... odd, so it was eventually changed into the upright position we have today. Combat Flight though, never got to share this change. It's as slow as hover, but you lean forward and glow a lot.


I'd just really like Combat Flight to get Hover's upright position.



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Rerolling far too often, even by this game's standards.

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hey guys, you can easily fix this yourself as travel powers are the easiest to modify. Personally i went with villain stance 2 as my default hover option but hey different strokes right?



have fun and stay safe out there

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I dunno the exact rules for necroing threads, but I figured better to bump this one than create a new one asking for the same thing.

This has really become a pet peeve of mine and I'd really like to know if it's something that's being discussed/worked on since it doesn't seem like that big of a fix,

if I'm in the wrong do let me know. In the meantime, I'll just.. keep flying at low speeds in a pose that suggests I'm mach 3.

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