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  1. For that you are a godsend. Would be amazing to have a streamlined means, via suggested command, but this sates my desires. Thanks!
  2. Suggestion: /BadgeSave Works like /BuildSave except it saves a text file of all the badges your character currently has. Purpose: Tracking badge progress outside of the game on things like Badger or a printed copy. While I know it is a niche portion of the community, those types of people do take badge tracking seriously and having something like this would improve said tracking. I honestly have no idea what would be required to implement something like this, but the suggestion popped into my mind and thought it would be a nice feature to have.
  3. SG Name: Caffeinated Crusaders RP/RP Friendly: Lite RP/Very RP Friendly Theme/Era: No theme/Modern SG Redside/Blueside: Blue focus w/ acceptance of Vigilante/Rogue Recruitment Message: The Paragon City exclusive coffee chain, Caffeinated Crusaders, was founded by Caleb Jacobson and Paul Bland in the 1980’s, with the first location opening its doors in Atlas Park. Paul and Caleb had a single mission: provide an experience for both the people and heroes of Paragon City, and serve coffee at the same time. To that end Caffeinated Crusaders boasts a unique decor pattern that is inspired by the city, and heroes, around them. Medium coffee, 2 sugar, no cream? BORING! How about a medium Level One, 2 sugar, no Enhancements. NOW WE’RE TALKING! It was with that mindset that Caffeinated Crusaders became a near overnight sensation. Ever since then the chain has been going strong, expanding into various other parts of the city, and doing what they set out to do: make coffee fun and represent the people of the city. For over 20 years CC’s has grown, donating to various relief funds for those impacted by the Rikti invasions, Arachnos schemes, and villainous attempts to destroy, enslave, or otherwise damage the beautiful Paragon City. Now, for the first time ever, the Crusaders are expanding their business outreach with a not-for-profit branch by enlisting the aid of meta-humans to help keep the streets safe. Originally founded by two employees, the Caffeinated Crusaders supergroup is now looking to expand their outreach and capacity by bringing in more new talent. No need to be a coffee drinker! You just need to want to help the city! Interested in joining the Crusaders? Contact Barista Brawler(@Bay) or Caffeinated Crusader(@Trinket) for additional details. Massive thank you to @MiteyMarvel of Impossible Industries (TM pending) for making a visual 'dream come true' with our base.
  4. I've always been more of this mindset than anything. Steamroll has, to me, been a matter of performance as opposed to a style of play. I can understand how PUG members might get confused. My personal preference has always been to lay things out, as far as team expectations, in as plain a fashion as I can to avoid confusion over any given particular term. Then again, it should also be on everyone present to ask clarifying questions before it really starts to avoid creating any issues.
  5. While I know that we are never responsible for other people's emotion and cannot expect to tell someone how they should feel, you certainly have accomplished your goals in my perspective. Wife and I started on Torchbearer when we found out about Homecoming and then, one night, that suddenly changed when the strangest tentacled individual came to lead a DD iTrial. Little bit of talking back and forth later and soon the wife and I were transferring over to Everlasting to be able to attend more event ran by Mojo and those he associated with. Through him we learned about the Everlasting TFs channel and there we got to participate in several of your runs; for those, thank you so much. You have, in the very least, inspired me to want to be able to run content, any content (even if just TF Commander TFs) at the same level of proficiency you show us in the iTrials. All that said, thank you for what you've brought to Everlasting and here's hoping RL doesn't ruin the fun and that the fun never runs out.
  6. Base builder was found. Thanks!
  7. So, running into a very strange issue that's starting to really frustrate me. Had City installed just fine on my Mini. Upgraded computers, used the transfer assistant to move everything over, and now City doesn't work. From what my computer illiterate ass can figure, there's an issue with Wine somewhere along the way. Both computers are running OSX 10.15.4, with the exception that CoX doesn't run on the new computer. Tried everything, to the best of my knowledge, in the first two posts, but still no dice. Wine Stable shows as outdated and is unable to be opened and I can't seem to find how/where to update it to a version that works; not sure if operator error or program age. Attached in a screenshot of what happens when I try to launch the game. If anyone could give some/any input in the most illiterate friendly way possible, I'd greatly appreciate it. Island Rum loads up just fine and closes on its own, as selected in the options, and then the two additional windows appear and nothing happens.
  8. I will second the Staff and Bio combo. Currently rolling a set out Bio/Staff Tank and absolutely loving it, especially with Offense and the Staff stance for additional damage; pseudo Scrapper. Both of the cones are very generous and forgiving. The damage aura is very nice, especially once the -Res from Bio hits the mobs, even more damage. Not to mention, for the fun factor, the Staff taunt is probably one of the absolute coolest I have seen so far.
  9. Okay, awesome folks, I have a great need of your knowledge. My 8 year old son talked me through making a Hero he dreamed about one night. I'd like to make this toon as invincible as possible. Due to computer reasons I don't have access to Mids/Pines. Could any of you either refer me to a damn good build or throw one up here? Budget is no issue, so go wild with survivability.
  10. The patch or the server? Lol In all seriousness, is there an eta for the servers coming back up?
  11. Reply to second the OP. Wife and I just finished the Dark Astoria arc and are wanting to follow the story in regards to which contacts and iTrials to do in proper story progression order.
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