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  1. My experience is different, I guess. I never had Sorcery on any characters. Spirit Ward and Enflame didn't seem to do much, I never saw the point to the bonus teleport while running a flight power, Arcane Bolt was just too slow and low damage to bother with, and I wasn't taking any two of those to get to Rune of Protection. These changes will cause me to pick up Sorcery on some controllers and dominators at least, and maybe my fire/dark corruptor. Now, I'm finding Spirit Ward useful on a dominator to use on the pet. Won't prevent disaster, but they're no longer running around h
  2. This (plus the xquartz/wine-devel instructions) got me up and running on an M1 mini. Thanks!
  3. I found teleport to be tremendously more forgiving on beta. Don't have to be as precise in the timing. Was able to much more easily cross zones. The extended hover time is super nice with my tp bind for going straight up. Gives me time to look around and decide where I want to go. Also it seems like you can move after porting faster. I remember a time of mandatory hovering that felt clunky, which seems to be gone. All in all, it's a lot easier to manage on a character that did not take Hover. TP changes are very cool.
  4. I have tested Evasive Maneuvers on a few characters. The extra speed is really nice. I did have a use for Afterburner in combat: tanking AVs solo while the rest of the team concentrated on a different AV. I'd get GW's (or whoever) attention, lead them around the map, let the rest of the team fight someone else, drop Afterburner and taunt if I lost aggro. EM won't provide the defense for that. Not sure how important that is, just pointing it out. If EM gets changed to provide defense as long as I don't attack, that would help my particular case. I could taunt, deal with lowere
  5. I haven't tested Mystic Flight but on a character with normal Teleport, you can rest in between ports if you want. There's a 15 second period after a port, where you just hang in the air. So if you were running low on end, you could just pause a few seconds between ports. It also works really well with my keybind for porting max range straight up. Plenty of time to look around and decide where to go next. Having a bind for port max range straight ahead works well too. Used to require a little timing to keep moving forward without clicking too soon and getting turned around, bu
  6. I would like this too. High-speed hover would look cool for a ghost character, but most of mine want to use the flight pose when Fly is on. I'd love an option in the tailor for Fly that overrides the Hover pose when both are on. Meanwhile, the flight speed changes are really cool. As far as I can tell, Evasive Maneuvers gives all the control and protection that CJ does, so that will save me a pool on a lot of characters. I have to agree that I don't know how much point there is to 30 seconds of Afterburner, but I don't think it's hurting anything either. I was usin
  7. I'd like for that to be selectable too. I like both visual effects and would use one or the other, depending on character.
  8. I thought about that too. Right now, if I have CJ for flight control, I can manage Fly in caves. May be an issue. I'd like something we can change on the (heh) fly, though. Right now I get around missions swapping between Hover and Fly as the map allows, kind of like shifting between low and high gear in a simplistic driving game. A quick way to set flight speed percentage would be cool. I'd even consider buying a joystick if I could get analog speed control, but I'm thinking maybe a little low/medium/high widget would be nice too.
  9. Considering buying a 16GB M1 mini. This is the only game I play. It's pretty slow on my 2012 retina. How's the experience on an M1? Might just skip getting another Windows box if the M1 will at least work with ultra mode and load zones decently fast.
  10. I have a pair of spines/fire and I gave one hover, put burn on auto, followed the other one. Result: burn often did not go off because something would bump the character up just far enough that burn didn't work. Almost all of my meleers fight in hover/fly, including a fire/fire brute, but not the afk fire farmer. Just didn't work out. Also, hover didn't prevent her from getting stuck now and then anyway. My eventual solution was to put Recall Friend on both farmers, and do my following with sprint on.
  11. I would not trade Fearsome Stare on any of my dark defenders or corruptors, even if I got both Fade *and* Soul Absorption in return.
  12. I might try Team Stun (Side of Fear). Bop Them on the Noodle: Dark/Mace tank - Gorgar Mace/Dark brute - Xiberia Everything on its Ass: Ill/Storm controller - Standing Horse Earth/Storm controller - Silent Scream Why Get Up, You Just Miss Anyway: Dark/Sonic defender - Chord of Souls Dark/Dark controller - Elysianne Ill/Dark controller - Spectral Witch Oh Right, Damage: Fire/Kin corruptor - December Flower Everyone but the corruptor has stuns. Six of them have multiple stuns. Along with the t9 c
  13. A couple people mentioned inv/axe. This is my main tank. I think it works well. All the knockdown buys you a little time and interrupts incoming damage, which gives you time for healing, regen, etc. I built for regen, defense, and psi resist and am quite happy with it. DA is a great primary too. I like mace with it so much I have both tank and brute. Oppressive Gloom + mace stuns + Dark Regeneration = effective. Didn't bother with Cloak of Fear on that one. Inv and DA are definitely my favorite armor sets, and they're both strong enough to be good with whatever o
  14. Great, I tried getting HC running on my Mac early on, and never got the launcher to actually launch the game. This must address those issues! ...oh. This has what to do with CoH or running CoH on a Mac?
  15. My group is on Discord almost every time we play. Makes it more fun for us, and lets us coordinate if needed, but mostly we're just chatting. I almost never team outside that group these days, but if there were more people that used voice casually as a social thing, I might team with others more.
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