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  1. This is what I've arrived at as well. I do keep three bins for high-level salvage and keep 8-9 pieces of each type in the white, yellow and orange bins. This is just for convenience as I like to craft all the recipes that drop while farming, convert and sell them. Then I refill anything that's low that I have on hand, ditch the rest and am ready for another farm run. It's probably not efficient compared to just serial farming, but it's nice to have a break from it. The only time I buy salvage is if I buy a set of 10 recipes with intent to convert them to something specific that sells well, or if I'm out of a rare for a purple or pvp recipe that dropped and I don't feel like waiting. I remember the days on live of runs on specific useful salvage, and while I did some flipping myself just to see if I could, I don't miss it. One thing I really like about HC is that there are ways to make money that are tied to doing something useful. Farming and crafting the drops puts attuned IOs on the market, and that's good for everyone.
  2. I would argue that there's not a kb tax, in that if I don't *want* the kb, I don't tend to play energy blast. There are plenty of other sets that are useful, and I don't see much point in taking a set with a consistent secondary effect if you don't want the effect. I think energy pairs well with some defender primaries and poorly with others. It goes well with storm and I mostly solo with my storm/energy. If teaming, she's kind of an off-tank, again dealing with stray ambushes when needed, and providing Freezing Rain for the melee crowd, hoverblasting, and keeping things off the squishies. It works pretty well, but she's not that helpful on a team that's steamrolling, in which case I'll just alt. I've known a couple of really good emp/energy that similarly knew how to aim their kb, target intelligently, and use Energy Torrent to keep from being overrun by stray mobs. My own emp is /sonic and uses the cone kb in that set in a similar manner. Energy is probably a poor choice for some other primaries. I would not pair it with dark or nature for sure. The one place I'm considering slotting a kb->kd proc is in Phantasm on my ill/dark, where the pet has an obnoxious tendency to knock things out of the tar patch and not follow up and dispatch them. So I get that kb can be detrimental, but it's also generally fun for me and my preference is to play energy when it works with the other powerset and not play it when it doesn't.
  3. En/en is pretty good at hard targets. Chain KB is good control. Probably less so if you use kb->kd IOs, as you eliminate the time mobs spend getting back into range. I built for ranged defense, didn't even take Hasten, and my tactic is to keep things out of their effective range, which is shorter than mine. Soloing, I put Boost Range on auto, set myself generally on +2/x1 to +4/x1, and use kb to keep things far away from me, including Bonfire, which I have slotted for kb. It's a lot of fun. Stuff frequently dies without ever getting within melee range. The reason I don't make the team bigger is just to keep from getting too many mobs to be able to juggle. Teaming, I usually put Energize on auto (though still sometimes Boost Range) and either target things nobody else is dealing with, Nova the group, or use more single-target attacks on bosses and/or mobs with annoying powers. I like the energy secondary. For a while I was running Aid Self and Field Medic, which is a pretty good heal on its own, and better if you have time for Power Boost first. I'm finding Energize is enough healing by itself though, as the extra regen has more time to work while mobs are running back to me. Sorry you're not enjoying it, but I for one love it, to the point that I don't really play other blasters much. None of the others I've tried come close to being as much fun as en/en is for me, even at low level.
  4. Thanks for clarifying that. In light of that, I probably won't take the power. There'd be little advantage over just using Stealth and a stealth proc in Combat Jumping like I do now. I tend to be close enough to the defense cap that the little defense Stealth gives wouldn't be worth losing to get better stealth radius.
  5. Thanks, I see on live Invisibility is 1.30 end/sec, so now I get it. This is a great change and I'm likely to take the power now. Would be better for opening a fight with Nova and not getting hit on the way in. If there was ever a change to the pool powers like the travel powers got, where you could take the third one without prerequisite, I might drop Stealth altogether on some. While you're looking at Concealment, would there be any way to make Phase Shift indefinite in PVE like it used to be? I think they changed it to the max 30 seconds for PVP reasons, at which point I sadly respeced out of it.
  6. I recognize some base items (statues, cemetary pieces) as having been added to beta a few months ago and then removed because of some issues. I noticed the plants that had been added then don't seem to be in this update. Don't remember what they all were, but I do remember there were African violets. Were the plants the problem before? Is there hope for their return? There's a lot of new stuff and people building outdoor, medical, Arachnos or cave bases among others will be very happy. Just curious because I really liked those plants.
  7. As it stands on beta right now, it looks like Invisibility costs .46 end/sec. That's what it says in the power selection screen. Combat Attributes shows it at .45. Either way, it's neither the number the patch notes say it originally was, nor the number it's supposed to be changed to. I'm kind of surprised Invisibility would be *cheaper* than Stealth, but you do need another Concealment power, so maybe that's why. It's a better Stealth than Stealth in all ways as listed, and even at what I suspect was its original cost, I'd take it over Stealth at least on my main. Better defense and concealment before firing off Nova, and a defense bonus if I need to disengage for a few seconds. I'll take that.
  8. Dr Fate would be fantastic. Any chance of working in Hawkman and Hawkwoman? I'd also love to see more JSA. It's weird seeing Power Girl without Wildcat. Green Lantern, Huntress, Starman, Hourman, Dr Mid-Nite, too.
  9. Agreed. I found the option for turning off sigs, but would like one for hiding avatars and also images in posts.
  10. That's the most I've ever had at one time in actual inf. I do tend to stockpile IOs, so when I'm marketing I hang onto anything I convert that I think I'm going to get some use out of. If I cancelled my outstanding bids and sold off all the IOs and ATOs I have lying around, it'd probably amount to a decent sum. My characters tend to get attuned IOs they'll want in the end whenever they qualify for them at 22 or 27, but I'm sort of terrible at remembering to keep a big slush fund around. Keep finding more niches to invest in.
  11. Combat Jumping also makes Fly a lot more controllable, and if you can spare a slot for it, it's a good place to put a stealth IO, so you can turn it off easily if you need to drop stealth for an escort mission without affecting your flight speed.
  12. I would join a KB channel, assuming those work cross server. I'm on Everlasting, where my main is en/en and I've also got storm/en and ill/storm.
  13. Emp/sonic works pretty well. Any time you're not busy buffing or healing, you can either be debuffing resist, which is pretty effective, or using the single-target stun or cone sleep. I found this to work well because I'd either be shooting at what the team already was fighting and therefore not getting aggro myself, or using crowd control on uncontrolled threats.
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