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  1. My group is on Discord almost every time we play. Makes it more fun for us, and lets us coordinate if needed, but mostly we're just chatting. I almost never team outside that group these days, but if there were more people that used voice casually as a social thing, I might team with others more.
  2. I keep running into the same issue on this particular high level rogue tip on blue side. It's called Stop The Blogger's Reign of Terror or something. You rescue two heroes, and then there's supposed to be a glowie or someone to talk to. What happens instead is I rescue the two heroes, sometimes one runs off, but either way I wind up clearing the entire map and there's just a red marker in one of the rooms with no object or NPC spawned. Mission cannot be completed, cave is completely empty except for one or two rescued heroes. Seems to happen every time.
  3. You can make a lot of things work. But a group that I think would work well together would be: Inv/mace brute or tank Dark/sonic defender with tactics, shadowfall, maneuvers Fire/kin corruptor Those three together will cover a lot of what you need. Inv is pretty durable, needs the occasional heal and some psi resist. The dark covers that and also mitigates a lot of incoming damage. They pair really well together, and the dark/sonic provides important -regen and -res. The mace adds stun to what the defender can do with screech, howling twilight, and oppressive gloom if you take it (take it!) Aggro should be fairly well managed between the two, so the fire/kin is free to buff damage and provide pretty good aoe damage as well as some more -regen. This leaves the fourth slot open, and you could add an ill controller for more control and aggro management plus more buff/debuff, or a stalker for taking down really hard targets, or a fire blaster for taking down, well, everything. Or another brute, sometimes off-tanks are really handy and they have a high damage cap which goes well with the kin. I'd probably pick the fire blaster though, because it's so good at both aoe and single-target.
  4. Late to the discussion, but I've wanted this for a long time. I'd go one further and allow any slot to be filled with an AO of any type the power can be slotted with. Still can use IOs if you want, but if you're going to use generic single-purpose ones, there's not really any reason, to me, to have to go buy them at a store.
  5. Same thing happening to me. I can convert attuned targeted aoe ios into any other, unless I happen to get an Air Burst, at which point all I can do is turn it into a common.
  6. If this means the same treatment is coming for Theft of Essence, a *lot* of Dark Armor users are going to be very unhappy about this. I don't really like this direction, because I find it less fun. Whether multiple firings were intended or not, to me the old unreliable non-PPM proc mechanics, including chances for multiple +heal/+end, were more fun. I tested Call of the Sandman on Mind controller last night on Everlasting, and the most I ever got that proc to fire was four times, 51 hp each. This amounted to pretty minimal healing on a 1000 hp controller. Most of the time I got much less. Granted I didn't always have max targets in range, but even with capped ranged defense I don't see any path to gaming real, effective healing out of it. I expect that the experience is different on a melee character with a sleep aura, where there'd be no reason to slot recharge (which would reduce proc firing chances), and the character is sturdy enough to just stand in a pile of mobs soaking up proc healing. I can see this being a problem, but it seems more like an artifact caused by PPM more than a problem with the proc. I'd much rather get rid of PPM, personally, and possibly disallow sleep auras from taking sleep sets if necessary.
  7. Sleep powers are pretty good unless you're on a steamrolling team. They're great for handling ambushes, for instance.
  8. Ah. I never heard any justification other than pvp reasons.
  9. Then there are at least three Iron Savior fans on Everlasting. I had the name on Virtue but never got around to rerolling that particular one on Everlasting. He was a broadsword scrapper, I think. Other metal inspirations have come from Angel Witch (en/en blaster, main) Accept - Princess of the Dawn (inv/axe tank) Helloween (spines/fire farmer) Witchfynde (fire/fire blaster and fire/dark corr) Wolfchant (dark/dark dom) In Flames - December Flower (fire/kin corr) Halford - Silent Scream (mind/storm) Helloween/Iron Savior cover - Gorgar (originally fire/mace tank) Mental Home - Wing of Camayun (kat/sr brute) Black Sabbath - Eternal Idol (earth/time)
  10. I have to admit I don't pay great attention to the story here, so maybe I'm missing some deep interesting Statesman lore, but he always seemed like the blandest Superman/Captain America amalgam. It always felt like the game was telling me he was iconic, rather than showing me. I don't remember a single Great Statesman Moment. But maybe I missed something. I don't know, even the name is pretty bland. I'd rather any story effort be focused on a more interesting character, unless someone feels like they've got the ultimate Statesman story to tell. I don't think turning him into a Kheldian, depowering him, etc would do that for me. If you think he's a great character, *show us*. I didn't really care about Superman at first either, but I eventually read enough to find him interesting. Until such time, I'd probably go for a Flambeaux or Azuria story over bringing back Statesman.
  11. I have tried dark/dark: scrapper brute tank blaster controller dominator sentinel stalker, kind of Of the lot, I'd say the stars are tank, controller, dominator. I like the tank because dark/dark is pretty controllery. Rather than trying to wring aoe damage out of it, I'd rather just lean on the controls, debuffing, and healing to make an unkillable tank. Gloom and Darkest Night are *sort of* wizardy, I guess. I do feel like this tank is magical more than physical, for sure, but it's pretty tough for a wizard. I love /dark corruptors, but I don't think dark blast is all that great. Looks cool, sounds cool, is just more -tohit on top of what dark miasma already excels at. Plus a little heal, when you already have Twilight Grasp. It's not *bad*, just not my choice. On a corruptor I like ice/ and fire/, and on a defender I am positively in love with dark/sonic. But dark miasma is so damn good that if you give it what I consider kind of a weak blast set, on either AT, you'll still have a great character. I did have a dark/storm corruptor on live, but rerolled him at some point into a dark/dark controller. <-- foreshadowing I've got a rad/rad sentinel and a dark/dark sentinel, and the dark/dark looks amazing but just feels weak compared to the rad/rad. Keeping the character but there's no question which is better, sadly. The dominator is a lot of fun but the controller is more powerful, I think. Dark Affinity has a couple great powers Dark Miasma doesn't have, and the powers it loses just show up in Dark Control anyway, so it's still the amazing debuff/control/healing set it was before, paired with a control set that gets extra pets. Also the confuse looks cool and haunts are pretty wraithlike. But either one would make a strong dark wizard.
  12. Personally I love the idea of a targeted AoE that's pretty much Thunderstrike, and appreciate the effort not to collide with its ranged defense bonuses (especially since I'll sometimes slot four sets of Thunderstrike + a Zephyr pair and a Gaussian's set). I also like Artillery as a new name for Shrapnel (and agree that a new name is probably a good idea). Broadside is good too. But naming something after War Witch gets my vote.
  13. I agree that I prefer the original Bombardment. As it stands now, I'll wind up slotting Shrapnel but not being too happy about it, but I can't really turn down the ranged defense. On melee characters, I usually wind up with one targeted AoE at most, and that gets Ragnarok. On the rare occasion there is a second one (claws comes to mind), I slot 5x Positron's because I might as well, at least there's good recharge in it. They might switch to Bombardment but I don't generally build for AoE defense anyway. They wouldn't care if Bombardment went back to ranged defense, either. So I don't know that I'd use either new targeted AoE set on melee characters. On ranged characters, ranged defense is the priority, and generally there are one or two ATO sets with at least some ranged defense, and those go in the targeted AoEs for that reason. Bombardment looked good enough that I was expecting to replace some ATO sets with it. The range bonus was a big plus, and recharge of course never hurts. Shrapnel, I'm not sure if I'll bother replacing any ATO sets, but I will probably use it on squishies whose ATO sets don't both provide ranged defense, I guess. And, I might be alone in this, but I'd prefer it not have a proc. It looks like there's way more damage in the set than ED will allow, so maybe the straight damage one could be damage/range?
  14. Is the intent that DE will do as much damage on a scrapper as DC does if it crits? Currently I have it slotted for damage and use it to hasten the demise of the weak stuff in the group: soul drain -> siphon life and/or dark regen, once everything has gathered around me, dark consumption, which usually finishes a bunch of stuff off, at least if I'm not running at significant +level. I know it's not a ton of damage, but it would be a weird nerf to a niche style. Just wondering if that's the intent, as that might push that scrapper over the edge into rerolling as a brute. I've copied the character to beta, but if you're about to change it again there's probably not a lot of point in comparing now.
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