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  1. This means little ice cube though. It should be ijsblok.
  2. It's nothing more than a GM/zone event.
  3. It was already confirmed they were gonna be sold for a LOT of influence soon. New inf sink.
  4. A Nemesis TF should be added similar to Market Crash. At the end you'll script the trigger of the Nemesis Invasion event like a Lady Grey does a Rikti invasion and Katie Hannon does a zombie invasion. Nice way for it to come back. And a good way to add new content.
  5. Both in Chrome and the default Samsung browser? Works just fine on my S8.
  6. Yeah, its weird you can't select a scythe. Would be a nice addition.
  7. Yes agreed, Admiral Sutter is pure fun when compared to something like Synapse/Citadel.
  8. You can't solo Lady Grey with the Hamidon fight. Most others are perfectly solable.
  9. Blaster all the way like you've seen yourself. Once IOed up and with the higher AoE target cap there is no comparison. Blasters rule.
  10. Blasters are always good for AoE. Archery and water are both very fun to play. I can also recommend a crab. Currently have a crabbermind build myself. It's pure AoE while the pets mop up any remaining mobs you can already hop in to the next mob group and start AoEing. Crabs are also very durable to do this. Added bonus are the massive leadership buffs for any teammates. You can really steamroll with a well built crab and make the team your on even better.
  11. Welcome back to the game! https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/43-archetypes/ is most likely the best spot for that.
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