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  1. I just ran through some radio missions with level 50 EM/Energy Scrapper and it was great. My test scrapper is fully slotted with IO sets, but no Incarnate abilities. I was soloing +4x8 council with mainly AOEs using TF>PC>WH>TF>PC>WH. I used TF>ET on the few not taken down with the AOEs. I tried energy melee in CoH's early years and it was so underwhelming - slow, not enough AOE, not enough damage. This revamp is a world of difference. Very fun and very powerful. I've always been a fan of the EM animations and visual effects. I can't wait for this to hit the live servers!
  2. The future looks bright! Thank you guys for all you do running City of Heroes: Homecoming. I want to chime in on xp rates: they're perfect. I played CoH from the first beta and levelled up a LOT of characters. Double xp and veteran xp for incarnate levels let me enjoy the game without going through the same grind. I team up plenty and love doing task forces and trials. The merit rewards and incarnate rewards will keep me doing those. But thanks to veteran levels, I don't have spend all of my time doing incarnate trials. I'm loving it. Thanks again!
  3. I have a level 50 WP/SS brute named Militarian. I've tanked Hami before with my Invuln/SS tank, but it was so long ago that I barely remember it. Anyway, I'm down for Hami in whatever role I can fill. Fridays and Saturdays are best for me.
  4. I was going to donate $50, but didn't learn about this before donations were closed. Please let us know once you've set up a Patreon. I'll happily donate $15 a month or so!
  5. Lots of familiar names here! I was Doughboy and Ultiman with Legion of Valor on Victory. Now, I’m on Everlasting. It’s so good to be back!
  6. I played Doughboy, Militarian, Fluke, Arcarian and many more on Virtue. I think all of my characters were members of the SG American Legion. I started playing on Torchbearer last week, but re-created my characters on Everlasting a few hours ago. It's so great to be back in Coh!
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