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  1. annoying but you can get to it if you hide your start menu toolbar
  2. Gravity/storm/ice is my Primary. he solos decently well, on teams I have lots of options of tactics. Wormhole, immobilize then lay down the three Major AoE to melt mobs. I run Solo farms on AE at +4/8 all the time with mostly casual built hero as there Is too much damage mitigation. the only grievances I have is gravity immobilize doesn’t add -KB to enemies, and I have no self heal.
  3. He absorbed ALL kinds of energy(Kinect, thermal, radiant, etc)
  4. Captain marvel (MCU) Mutation origin sebestian shaw (Fox) mutation Shocker (MCU) Tech origin Green Lantern (DC) science/tech origin Dragon ball universe Natural origin Ancient one (MCU) magic origin some explanations: shocker and captain marvel are pretty self explanatory. Sebastian Shaw has both energy defense and energy melee. The absorbed energy could be used as he saw fit. green lantern and dragon ball fighters often have energy surrounding their fists ancient one used magical knock back on her strike leveling hulk. (Bit of a stretch but I struggled with magic)
  5. Looking for some opinions on a defender build as I usually play controller. He’s currently level 35 and climbing fast. Time is easy to soft cap Defense. Both primary and secondary provide heals. my goal is to perma hasten/chrono shift and to add resistance and men protection as much as possible. Trying for a more tankier support type.
  6. Might have to look but I could have sworn my pets had the icon on them.
  7. Gale is a great power with 2 slkts as mentioned. KB->KD and either recharge proc or -res. You can get quite a few dmg procs in it if you really like it thematically. It breaks alpha strikes and gives you soft control. I use it for a way to cover squishy heroes if surrounded. It's a level 1 power that keeps it utility and doesn't need many slots to stay useful.
  8. As a grav/storm main I would love the -KB in the immob. That fact a bit of fire on the ground can stop my tornadoes knockback but the force of gravity can't is absurd. To me gravity is still a great set but I am wasting slots on kb->kd in quite a few powers that other primaries don't need to do.
  9. My opinion it would be easier to just pay off someone to power level you then for the devs to waste time on this. My controller power levels people all the time in AE
  10. wow I completely thought i had rise of phoenix (epic) on my last tanker... Shows how long its been since I've played a melee toon. now I'm trying to remember which one I used to use the old self destruct + rise of phoenix combo on for fun.
  11. time/sonic defender - provides defense, healing, and debuffs fire/fire blaster -dmg deler TW/bio scrapper - dmg dealer Fire/kin controller- CC, Buff SS/invul tanker -aggro management arachnos soldier - leadership gravity/psi dominator - wormhole, -regen ice/sonic corruptor - slow, resistance buff ninja stalker -ghosts missions and takes out enemy support in fights not an optimal performance team by any means but I thought of using each AT only once, and wanted them all to have a role on team. After unlocking incarnate slots teams become overpowered anyways so any team works well. This team is pretty well balanced before those slots.
  12. but a crash suicide is a great build up to a rise of the phoenix moment. honestly though I think crash mechanics need looked at, (I'd also look at stone armor penalties, and powers that don't allow flight to activate them) . These all are avoided and its not like they are vastly superior powers that other sets can't match.
  13. if its a concept hero why does it matter how well it performs? You can do missions just fine and in groups it really wont matter as this game is too easy. what I'm saying is maybe your trying to force a concept character into a comparison with a efficient character. These are opposite sides of the spectrum. maybe your concept hero just has to stay on lower difficulties to feel powerful, there's no shame in that
  14. gravity/traps controller time/ice defender setup traps, wormhole mob, defender slows them to a crawl inside a death bubble of time/ice powers.
  15. As a gravity main(/storm) I have to disagree with the use of dimensional shift. The benefit of its use do not outweigh the negatives in a team setting. The game moves to fast for intangibility powers on mobs. The use of dimensional shift is a more for style then anything else. between wormhole, AoE immob,single hold, and singularity, my control seems to be plenty. That leaves you more time to also be applying secondary powers instead of micro managing a toggle that only you appreciate. That being said everyone has an opinion, that's just mine.
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