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  1. Hey guys, looking at building a new desktop. My 10yr old Lenovo Laptop from college just aint what she used to be anymore. I'm not as up to speed on the latest and greatest tech anymore as when I was younger so I was hoping some of y'all wouldn't mind looking over this potential build and tell me if something looks stupid or wouldn't mesh well together for my needs. I used the NewEgg pc builder to help guide me along. The machine will be used to play CoH and that is the only game I play and I will use it for Adobe photoshop and Premiere, lots of video editing, and running multiple programs at once. I need good speed for efficiency. I also want to run 2 monitors, potentially 3 in the future. Some of the things I picked may be overkill, but I want to 'buy once, cry once" and have this machine last me at least another 10 years. Unless a part legitimately makes no sense of course. I also don't care about RGB, but don't mind if a product you suggest has it. links included on product name, Will be running on Windows 10. AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT (Picked the XT because I want to potentially be able to overclock, the locked version is about $100 cheaper though) AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT Graphics card Asus Motherboard (This is one area I'm really not sure what to choose.) Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 3600 (Not sure if the ryzen will benefit greatly going beyond 3200) Seagate FireCuda 1Tb Thanks for any help y'all can provide!
  2. Hey guys! I guess this is only my 3rd post on these forums. I'm more of a reader and lurker. I wanted to suggest some changes to Ice Armor and get peoples feedback. It was my favorite armor back on live and still is here on homecoming, something about it just looks so cool to me. So much so that I recreated my main character from live with the same costume and everything. Ice Armor, however, continues to be the least or second least played armor set on any Archetype (Tanker, Scrapper, Stalker, Brute, and Sentinel). And when you look at the actual survival numbers it definitely falls short compared to some of the other armor sets, especially the defense based sets. My Suggestions are: [Wet Ice] currently gives 1% defense to S/L/F/C/E/Neg (Not Enhanceable) and 30% Res to Cold (Not Enhanceable). This power takes no enhancements except recharge and endurance reduction. Change the defense to somewhere between 3-5% and make it enchanceable. Then remove the Cold Resistance from this power. Having 120% Cold resist is pretty pointless and is probably the least encountered damage type in PvE. (a) This will make [Permafrost] a smarter choice as it will now be the only means to get you to cap for Cold along with the extra fire resist (12.5%) and slow resist (20%) it provides. Give [Glacial Armor] somewhere between 5-10% Psi Defense enhanceable. This will put it more on par with other def and resistance sets. Making the set more viable in end-game content, even with just SO's or standard IOs. Add a small -End debuff resistance and -Recov Debuff resistance to [Energy Absorption] to give a little protection from enemies that sap endurance. Defense and Resistance stat comparisons between sets posted below. Let me know what you think! Is this crazy? Do the utility powers included in Ice Armor make it where these buffs would be to much? I think something like this might have more people taking a look at Ice Armor. It's a really great set, but it seems a little old and neglected compared to some of the newer sets IMHO. Thanks! In my examples below I will be using all Tanker numbers, as these are the best case scenario. (Energy Aura modified to reflect tanker values if it were to be made available) I will not include Toxic Resistance from any click heals, I will include the mez resistance powers in all of the power counts, of course some have def/res and some do not. These are percentages at lvl 50 with no enhancements Bio Armor not included because I can't see on Mid's how defensive adaptation effects the numbers.
  3. Regen helps in longer battles, absorb helps for alpha strikes if you play more as a blapper. My 0.02 cents
  4. Ice armor is my favorite tank, I take all the powers. Glacial armor is not skippable. With proper IO slotting you can have soft cap S/L/E/N and decent resistance to everything else. I take hibernate just for those oh **** moments when I’m fighting a particularly stubborn AV. Permafrost is maybe the only skippable one, but gives you a little extra fire resistance and it’s an IO Mule. Hibernate and permafrost only get the 1 slot. Shields are 6 slot, icicle 4 slot with procs.
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