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  1. My first thought was just about any Scrapper. Love them. Tough, great damage, mez protection. After soloing a couple Sentinels I'd add them as well. Sure they don't do as much damage, but my Fire/Bio Sentinel was one my most enjoyable solo projects I've tried. Truly love that character.
  2. I've always kinda disliked the terms 'dedicated healer' and 'dedicated tank' and 'dedicated controller', and so on. (Outside of some very specific content) Yes, there should be a priority to power picks and slotting. But this game is both forgiving and rewarding to players who decide to spread their powers and slots to be more 'jack of all trades' as you say.
  3. Sorry as well for being off topic, but I really recommend folks interested in this topic watch The Wire. It's a complex and well researched look at drugs, crime, police policy, education, and politics in Baltimore.
  4. Well, for what it's worth, here's my farming build. Maybe something like this for a more all purpose fire farmer, assuming I have Ageless. I spent awhile tinkering and it never fully satisfied. I'd rather have Radiation/Fire if I wanted it to do both.
  5. My next solo project is indeed gonna be redside! I've yet to take a Stalker to level 50 and I'm thinking of trying Dual Blades and either Energy Aura or Super Reflexes. I've never played Dual Blades.
  6. I finished The Unity Plague story arc from Jenny Firkins for 43 Merits and joined a Manticore TF. Finished a Crey story arc, and ran a Moonfire Task Force. I'm at level 38 and have 824,345,174 Influence, with 35 things left to sell...4 IOs, 4 ATOs, 23 orange salvage, and 4 Unslotters. The latest recipes I bought were level 41 Reactive Defenses which I converted to Luck of the Gamblers. I still have several bids I'm leaving up...if they fill great, if someone overbids me fine. At this point this character is set. For my final build I can afford anything I want...Purples, Winte
  7. This reminds me..I forgot to list the Experienced with my last haul....and I can't remember how many I got. Seven or eight? Something like that. Yea, I use 'em up when leveling. For the most part I break even after selling the ATOs/unslotters/boosters and use the rest(my SG base is full of the stuff so I just sell them now).
  8. 80 of my ATOs/Resist IOs sold overnight. I had a few remaining bids for Titanium Coating recipes that also mostly filled(I didn't bother putting in more bids last night). Crafted,converted, and listed. I'm at 376 Million Influence with 112 ATOs/IOs still for sale as well as 111 converters. Gonna switch to another high reward recipe.
  9. Quick update. I finished Striga, crafted and converted the rest of my recipes and did a respec(I finished just shy of level 28). After selling all my SOs, I put in bids for various IO sets. I mostly kept to relatively cheap sets, Artillery, Thunderstrike, etc. When I started putting in bids I had a bit over 146 million. I didn't bother putting in bids for recipes...I mostly took Sunday off from playing. I also put in lowball bids for ATOs. When I logged in Monday, I'd bought 3 ATOs and all of IO sets. I did Ubelmann's arc from Laurie Pennington for 28 Merits(I also increase
  10. If you buy at a certain level and convert, it automatically converts to a rare. Many of the IO sets have only a few sets, some of which have only two above a certain level...one yellow and one rare. The three examples I provided do this. Another good one is movement IOs. You're guaranteed to convert to rare with two merits. Then rare roulette. I like level 31 for most yellow recipes.
  11. Just a quick build if I was doing just SOs. Probably not perfect. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1438&c=559&a=1118&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594CB6EDA401486ED8C898B3125E40614D22434A481240EA8DD576D13BA095294768FAC30054BC8463691CAB2FB5ED4F63DBAEBBDAFD4CB1BB8C733BFA98C2DD0A7F9E7FC67CECC19BBF7E2D4FCF8E4E50345CD3D1EDB41D07FE45F4FB9F18C5F8D5C6FEC0D674CA147A77F55CCF47B7CCCB975690F1C7BEA78AE1C97E5DC297FCEDD805B5D87FBB3FEC36BDF56CC0BCF1B5BE7DC9E38EE302F065D67389AD2C810A3A713CE0785386AC0FD60E44C2A6713E7CA3A73B93F9CF57B76308DF28935CA544983FEAFF6153C61464063CA524C26A981473
  12. Was your Fire Shield toggled on? Looking at Mids, Fire Resistance drops from 90% to 63% when Fire Shield isn't on.
  13. Thanks Ukase, good stuff. I also wanna add that you're absolutely right about Accuracy being unneeded for that level 12 fight. If I remember correctly, one even level SO at level 20 is 90% to hit against +1 foes. I guess I always have that in mind when slotting at level 12(this is when I buy SOs when I use them), so it's a habit. Probably a bad one. I'd have been better off slotting an extra damage untll I got closer to level 20(or just added a slot to Hover and slotted the Kismet Unique if not increasing difficulty). One even level SO with the Kismet Unique is over the To Hit cap at l
  14. Wow..so every bid I put in yesterday filled, I now have 54 Enfeebled Operation recipes. All but one of my enhancements have sold, the Performance Shifter is still sitting there. Since I'm sitting in the University in Steel Canyon, I decided to do the IO tutorial starting with Admissions Officer Lenk and Montague Castanella's arc. Both are on the main floor of the University. The Montague arc is worth 13 Merits and access to the Midnighter's Club, well worth doing. At this point I'm a bar short of 14. I'm also running into endurance issues, so I slot End Reduction SOs in two
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