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  1. I think you're underestimating the number of players who don't power game and overestimating the number of players who are vehemently anti-nerf power gamers. That's why the Devs have suggested balance. It's also something I think the majority of players agree with. There isn't some malicious group of players and devs who want to nerf everyone to 'make a few feel good'. Also, adjusting a few powersets, as has been stated numerous times in this thread, is far easier and more efficient than raising the ceiling on everything.
  2. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic: The Police For musicians, The Police are incredibly complex. This song in particular is unique. First, It doesn't use standard tuning. It's in between g and a flat. It also has a Lydian base line in the verse, so it literally walks up 1,2,3 sharp 4. Listen to the intro a couple of times. Even non-musicians can tell something isn't quite right....or normal. Ok, I'm a super nerd.
  3. Whether intended or not, your posts come across as angry, selfish, and entitled. And I think you mean 'I couldn't give a crap....' I can understand that some players have concerns about nerfs. The original Regen nerfs and the Energy Melee nerfs were heavy handed. But those remain outliers, and there is no question that Regen was extraordinarily overpowered. I don't understand the vitriol and rage when balance is suggested. I have yet to see a cogent reason against balancing powersets. Besides, I trust this Dev team more than the previous one. There isn't a profit margin on the line.
  4. My current tank is level 42 and despite relatively low damage, I actually really dig this character. This is my first attempt at a build and would appreciate any feedback.
  5. Right, that's why I pulled those two threads(sorry, just did a quick scan and grabbed the first two I saw with responses). One has Radiation Melee, and the other Radiation Armor...should give you a pretty good idea on slotting.
  6. Ya know, I thought the same 'til I played Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. Videos with builds and demonstrations weren't just popular, they were fun to watch and educational. I got turned on to them from reading forum posts.
  7. I went looking for a build and saw you'd asked this before. Here's a couple threads that might give you some ideas.
  8. Wait....what were you running? Any story arcs or Task Forces in that 7 hours? If so you'll have reward merits you can use to make money. You also don't mention salvage or recipes, have you checked those?
  9. Much like WoW, DPS is an important part of a tank's job. Attacking, especially with AoE powers, grabs aggro. You coulld also throw in Taunt IOS in Rise to the Challenge(your taunt aura) I suppose, but I've never needed to.
  10. I'm currently running a Super Reflex/Staff tank solo starting from scratch(currently level 37) and it's been a breeze. I've been crafting and slotting as I go. Once I accumulated some Merits, I used them to buy converters, sold several on the Auction for seed money, and use the rest for converting IOs I can either slot or sell. One nice thing about soloing content is you get a ton of merits, you should have plenty of influence by the time you hit 50 if you spend some time converting IOs. If I were to start again, I'd probably keep SR, but change my secondary. I've been a bit underwhelmed with Staff, although I still solo easily, including Elite Bosses.
  11. Chris Whitley: Living With The Law RIP
  12. Edvard Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King
  13. I have one 50 that I made a badge character, did all the Incarnate content, and continue to play on a semi-regular basis doing Hami raids and joining Task Forces, no matter the level. My other level 50s don't get a lot of play. The rest of my play time is leveling alts, usually by rotating through half a dozen or so at a time.
  14. Unsightly Defenestrate Copacetic Ultracrepidarian Decidophopia
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