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  1. I definitely play old school on some characters, especially when it comes to mission choice and leveling. Most characters do the Hollows and only a few get travel powers early. As has been stated, you can get around fine in the Hollows without a travel power. I rarely run DFBs and hardly ever use base teleporters. I like using travel powers to get around. The only time I'm in a hurry is when I'm in a Task Force, so I solo a good portion of the time. I don't want to be in a hurry. As for the current debate; I once had an argument with a flat earther. No amount of evidence, visual or otherwise, would change his mind. He seemed incapable of acknowledging logical fallacies. Mentally shake your head, chuckle, and move on. It's not worth the aggravation.
  2. Farming and Civ are great for listening to some jams. I don't farm often, but when I do it's to zone out. Only problem with that is I also often forget to pay attention to my end bar.
  3. The first time I read The Brothers Karamazov I wanted to learn Russian so I could read it in the original language. Everything from Dostoevsky is amazing. I dig Piers Anthony as well, but my favorite from him are the Apprentice Adept series. Hmm, perhaps the Xanth series. Definitely second Ender's Game. Probably my favorite Sci-Fi book along with John Steakley's Armor, although Asimov's Foundation is my favorite Sci-Fi series. I have too many favorite fantasy books to list. Ok, not true. One mention is Patrick Rothfuss's Name of the Wind. Amazing book, but first in a series and I've been waiting a long time for book 3. Same goes for Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight series. Great books(all his books are good) but waiting for book four of the series is....frustrating. I could go on and on. I read a lot of books.
  4. One side effect of converters I haven't seen mentioned is how Serendipity prices are artificially high as people vie for them in order to make LotG IOs. The price of those Luck of the Gambler's would definitely be higher with a depleted supply, but what would normally be a really cheap IO set for a newer player is quite expensive. In fact all defense IO sets are quite expensive. Obviously expensive is relative. As for flippers, if you plan ahead and put your own variable lowball bids on most IO sets, they'll fill eventually. Extra ones you pick up you can flip yourself at a modest profit or tuck away in your SG base. Heck, I might even supply one of my own forgotten bids as I generally list converted IOs at low prices(every once in a while I'll buy a bunch of cheap recipes on my main, convert and list). I spent a couple of weeks concentrating on making money, and I continually put in bids for various IO sets at lowball prices in order to stock my base with attuned IOs. The little converting I do now simply restocks my base. And I still have a couple of billion influence between all of my characters.
  5. I really think the evidence is the opposite of this assessment. If supply was dwindling you'd expect a gradual decrease in stock with a gradual increase in price. That hasn't happened with yellow salvage. Almost over night there were 30k bids on ALL yellow salvage, and the price dramatically increase in a short period of time. For months I was able to both sell and buy yellow salvage at 2k without issues. This happened way too fast for a supply problem to crop up.
  6. Do you mean left click and drag? Am I missing something again? Agreed on bigger stacks. That would be groovy. @VileTerror I guess we're both confused then. I didn't realize you could delete entire stacks(I've never tried) and posters above cleared that up. I'm obviously confused about the context I quoted as well. Sorry about that.
  7. Is it really faster to delete than to /AH, open salvage screen, and drag and list for one influence(or a hundred or whatever)? Sincerely asking.
  8. If you mean it has minor To-HIt Debuff, then yea, sure it's the best at its role. Other than that, it's a misconception that Dark Melee was ever more than a good single target set at max level with high recharge. Like any set, Shield helped, and Epics/Patrons could help cover its AOE deficiencies. Overall, and especially during the leveling process, Dark Melee has always been near the bottom in performance. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19VuZ9zJ_8eKN11JytgaK9mt9Fy-8pjANopb-FGh68Uw/htmlview#
  9. Since you "control and manipulate electricity' I'm kinda partial to galvanic control.
  10. Quality over quantity my good man. 😛
  11. Fair enough. It definitely depends on which version of Superman we're talking about. I was thinking about the N52 version when I wrote that.
  12. I love the set bonuses, but wish it had a bit more end reduction. Still, I like it.
  13. Great write-up, agree with most of it. However, Superman frequently had a weakness to mind control in the comics. His major weaknesses apart from kryptonite and lack of a yellow sun are magic, ionic radiation, and mind control powers.
  14. Looking at the poll, I'm definitely in the minority. I simply don't like playing evil characters. The few times I've played Red Side were redemption characters who eventually became heroes. This has been true for nearly 40 years of gaming beginning with pen and paper DnD. The same goes for computer games like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Mass Effect. I don't have fun playing bad or evil characters. That said, it HAS been a long time since I ran a redemption character Red Side...…..
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