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  1. I have been saying for a while now that Red Side needs some love and a major overhaul, and I mean visually as well. The Rogue Isles is too bleak and covered in trash and rubble at the moment to be somewhere people would want to hang out like they do at Atlas Park. Make The Rogue Isles somewhere people would want to hang out. I hope that this is the start of such an initiative.
  2. Every day on Excelsior I run a daily afternoon Mothership Raid double-feature in the Rikti Warzone. Invites start around 3pm EST (8pm GMT) and we typically go for two rounds, with a 5+ minute break between each round. My global is @Doctor Proteus but I rotate through my many characters every 3 Veteran Levels earned per character. I will announce what character I will be on in the excelsior-events channel on the Homecoming Discord 1 hour before invites go out. All levels are welcome. The raid may occasionally run late or be called off, pending changing circumstances. I w
  3. I made Retro Sci-Fi Recluse, but alas, not only were Cape + Spider Backpack not an option, but I am unaware of a way to utilize the Crab-Spider backpack without being a sufficiently high level Arachnos Soldier.
  4. Not really a matter of preference, but one of efficiency and good design. Just because one person "prefers" having the kitchen in the attic but the pantry in the basement doesn't mean it's OK to design the house that way. Besides which, what you said about discovering things from earlier zones, you'll probably have out-levelled the content of that zone by the time you discover it. Remember, games are meant to be pleasant. People generally don't want to play games that frustrate, annoy or bore them by design.
  5. I am very much in favour of this. There is so much I want to say about my characters but there just isn't room, not to mention I also want to list my Main/Alts in the info panel of my characters. Please, please, please consider upgrading the number of allowed characters for character descriptions.
  6. I like the idea of recycling existing content for new results, and I suggested it a while back but for Power Pools, such as Martial Arts, Grenades and Side-Arm.
  7. Being sent somewhere from earlier in the game for one mission is fine. But when the entire arc is in another zone, that's just bad design. Villain/Red side arcs mostly take place in the zone the contact is in, sometimes with a mission or two involving a specific place that makes sense within the context of the setting, for example, it makes sense to go to Ghost Widow's tower on Mercy Island to face-off with Ghost Widow or retrieve something from her personal vaults. But the contact is in one zone, Independence Port for example, but they give you a contact arc which takes place entirely on Talo
  8. I may be late in replying to this, but I actually think the story content is better on Villain side. it doesn't help that the Hero contacts often give the player story arcs that don't even happen in the zone the contact is in. Ultimately it's just due to remnants of the original game, which hasn't aged well compared to the more recent additions, including missions and general thought put into decision making.(like the lack thereof in deciding contacts would give out story arcs that take place in different zones entirely)
  9. I hope one day that The Rogue Isles/Red Side gets a big makeover to make it more aesthetically appealing, where holiday decoration will be warranted. It would probably make people want to play Villains and hang out in the Rogue Isles. I would recommend an overhaul of Mercy Island to give it a more central Atlas Park-like area around the Arachnos Administration building there, with the Lord Recluse globe statue from Recluses Victory in place of the Atlas Statue and the other four statues replaced with the ones of his four Lieutenants.
  10. Can we get the book shelves from The Spooky Mansion/Dr. Kane's House of Horror? They look really nice.
  11. I don't like having my time and efforts wasted. It's quite simple really. I don't expect this conversation to go beyond this.
  12. Having to restart again would probably turn me off the game for years.
  13. The devs of the game are the ones who mentioned it. I assume they intended to give them actual Clown related powers and attacks, like pies or something.
  14. They should do Clowns first, as the devs for CoH when it was live mentioned wanting to do Clown MM. 😎
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