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  1. Can we get the book shelves from The Spooky Mansion/Dr. Kane's House of Horror? They look really nice.
  2. I don't like having my time and efforts wasted. It's quite simple really. I don't expect this conversation to go beyond this.
  3. Having to restart again would probably turn me off the game for years.
  4. The devs of the game are the ones who mentioned it. I assume they intended to give them actual Clown related powers and attacks, like pies or something.
  5. They should do Clowns first, as the devs for CoH when it was live mentioned wanting to do Clown MM. 😎
  6. If you're going to be adding the extra Power Pools, I think you should allow for at least one additional Power Pool selection, and perhaps allow more wiggle-room with when powers in those power pools are available and in what order. For example, some players end up taking powers they don't need just to access the one they actually want. An example I will use is the Fighting power pool, which has two attacks in tier 1 and two toggles in tier 2, instead, there should be an attack and a defensive toggle in each tier. I suggest swapping Kick with the first toggle, so people after more defence/resistance are not forced to take an attack they don't need/want. This is just one example.
  7. I would also like to add a revamp of Villain/Red side. There must be a reason/s why Villain/Red side isn't as popular as Hero/Blue side. Particularly, I suspect it is because of how filthy and desolate it is. Most of the Rogue Isles is either literally burning rubble or covered in trash. The Rogue Isles should have been Gotham City to the Heroes Metropolis. So I suggest an overhaul over the visuals and physical content of the Rogue Isles, including cleaning up a lot of the mess, replacing most of the literal rubble with actual buildings with gothic architecture and in particular, make Grandville less hazardous. Grandville is just too damn hostile, and as always, filled with rubble, garbage and sewage water covering what little actual streets exist. Lord recluse is very bad at running cities. Might also want to remove all the unnecessary bits scattered around Grandville which make is more taxing on systems than other zones.
  8. A lot. Not so much what I would expect, but what I would hope for. Whichever of the following the server programmers/admins are willing and able to create and implement. New Story Content New "Raid" Content (Rikti Mothership, Hamidon, etc...) New Power Sets New Power Pools New Incarnate Powers New Archtypes New Epic Archtypes (Always thought Werewolf and Vampire as part of a Council/5th Column/Nictus expansion would be cool) New Costume Pieces (especially back ornamentation which is severely lacking) New Models New Animations Balancing Zone Reworks (Boom Town, Creys Folly, Eden, The Hive, The Abyss, Monster Island) Enemy Group Reworks (The Tsoo, Family, Council, 5th Column,Freakshow, Sky Raiders, Banished Pantheon(mortal servants) ) Facing the same few enemy groups at end-game for Paper/Radio missions kinda sucks, mix it up a bit by adding new enemy groups to them, including revamps and upgrades to lower level ones.
  9. In the third and final mission of the Crimson Hunt arc on RED/Villain side, Agent Crimson will consistently bug. What happens is that he goes into a stealth mode when his health gets low and gains incredible speed, but the buggy part is that he also no clips and runs through the air like he is flying. This allows him to no clip through the map and fly-run to the exit at hyper light-speed, escaping and causing you to fail the mission without having any way to prevent it. This has happened both times I attempted the mission.
  10. I would quite like to make City of Villains the default background, if at all possible.
  11. Test post. Sorry about this but I am getting a strange anomaly while trying to make a post in this thread, but it might have something to do with the attachments. basically when I tried to make a post with 4 attachments it would discard the post and take me to the Create New Topic screen.
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