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  1. It used to work with Nvidia Phys-x. I am betting it is an NV API/coding change. I noticed that the COH client no longer detects the physics as being available. Anyone know a way to force the physics on? Maybe it will work with the current NV API it just doesn't see it there?
  2. Do you have USB headsets to try for sound? What is the brand/model for the computer? Do you know how to do a DXDiag report and post it?
  3. Using only lshift mostly fixed it.
  4. That is exactly what I did - lshift+lmouse... I will test it with just lshift.
  5. I just set up my first teleport bind. That works ok, but no targeting retical for the end location is showing. Have I forgotten an option or is that just not part of the system anymore? Can it be turned on?
  6. I also fondly remember the old school physics. Newspapers and what not blowing around and not just with hurricane. I am looking forward to its return.
  7. Are all drivers up to date? Starting with Video and Sound? What are the particulars on the computer beyond Win 7?
  8. Thank you both! Any thoughts on how to get the search function to work?
  9. Had some builds and origin stories I posted years ago I would now like to get back to.
  10. That is helpful. I was thinking along those lines myself. I suspect the chat bubbles are part of the 3d rendered world and not part of the 2d user interface - thus no scaling is to be found, at least not in UI options.
  11. Thanks you. Chat bubbles seem to be the one thing that cant be scaled with those commands. :(
  12. Had him in the 40's before. Working him back up. ------ "Shocking New Menace Robs Bank. Again." The headline was attention getting, but lost a little power with the bad pun. In smaller type the story noted that 'Electron Volts' had robbed another bank and was still at large. The Rogue Island police are warning that the villain appeared to be armed with electrified fists and should be considered extremely dangerous. Within one of the many scattered caves of the isles a small, unimposing male Asian tossed down the newspaper with a lopsided grin. As he looked out over the sur
  13. Hmmm..... Are they only out at certain times? Or certain station?
  14. I have some core favorites I am rebuilding (and happy I could get the names) knowing myself I will also be rolling up new peoples with new ideas - It is fun to try out new character ideas.
  15. In old COH (Silver Age? Since I want to call this golden age but dont want to jinx anything by saying it already) there were spot lights by the train stations to help Flyers and everyone be able to spot them from afar. Will these be coming back?
  16. Thanks for tying. If you can find something I would be very happy.
  17. I'm on a 56' 4k monitor. I can increase the UI scale. The font size for in game chat - how do I increase font size on all dialog bubbles? Hurts my eyes trying to read them - NPC and other players alike. I get 4k was not a thing 7 years ago -- any fixes? Thanks, Zep
  18. Few comments: I needed to restart tequila three or four times to get the entire download to work. Hopefully other people have less issues but dont be afraid to stop and start till it gets the job done. For various reasons C: was not my ideal drive to use - installed to I: just fine. Should work with any drive in windows. Game still looks pretty good! With it is only 4.44 GB that is amazing.
  19. Needed info: Manufacturer: Nvidia Founders Ed Model: 1080 ti Operating System and version: 10 64bit ver 1803 Does the game load (and error you get if not): yes Optional info you like: Driver Version: Monitor Resolution: 3840*2160 Multi-monitor?: yes Graphics Preset Used: no, maxed everything except aa/af Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): some stuttering - the same stuttering I used to get back in the before time. I dont think it is a graphics issue. Walking down a road there are micro pauses --- I think do to resources l
  20. I hope this comes back to fully functional and am willing to help... Any job openings?
  21. Should I just skip? I do want the badges though :) No quests, nothing works no mobs cant attack or even use Gale. What info can I get to help out?
  22. Can we use DX Diag or one of the other utilities? I am happy to provide any info I can to help out.
  23. Had to set windows scaling to 100% With a 48 and 56 inch monitor this sucks a little outside COH but oh well I can play again, right? I have forgotten how to move and scale UI elements and help would be appreciated.
  24. Nice and not nice --- I remember all the times my storm toggle would go down (forgetting name right now just found this) because ppl killed my anchor. Having to remember to detoggle is a pain too. Still so happy to be back.
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