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  1. I was playing on 3x 40" 1080p monitors for a while. It is really nice to have the peripheral vision. In game when teaming ppl would comment on how I would seem to know what is going on much better just 'cause I could see more. On 4k now - in some ways the 3x 1080 was better. Not all games play well with the NV Surround though - some are a little annoying some unplayable.
  2. You get used to it pretty fast. Like looking outside though a screen door.
  3. Switch either with the Gull or run it the old fashion way by changing alignments. Doesnt take nearly as long as it used to. I've dont both depending on the character. I really like having Water Spout on the Fire/Storm Controller.
  4. Zep

    Smaller Teams

    I am PST - evening, or at least the time I am home and starting to play can be around 7-8 pdt weekdays and random on weekends.
  5. Zep

    Smaller Teams

    Cool @Zep myself
  6. Zep

    Smaller Teams

    I get 8 person teams. They can be fun. I also like 2-5 person teaming. The kind where you really do need to contribute and plan. Anyone else play in the evenings like the same? Thanks, *Z
  7. I get this with a wired mouse too.
  8. Were it that easy I would give myself one. 🙂
  9. Hi everyone, Does anyone play at 4k with a 2080ti? All options maxed except AA/AF off. What FPS do you get please? Thank you, -Z
  10. Was still able to send a petition and properly log out.
  11. You will have endurance issues - depending on build and how many toggles you add (like all 3 leadership) it can get pretty bad. At 50 with the Alpha Slot things get much better. You'll want 3 end redux in hotfeet. Once you get Imps you can turn it off a lot when not in use till 50/Alpha. Slot a lot of end redux till 50, in everything - once you have your alpha resec and remove some of them - not all. Fire Cages - if you use it - is a huge end pig with its fast recharge it can drain you with some toggles running.
  12. I'd be happy with changing how they look. Much more transparent for example, a base that is a bit lower then current with projectors facing upwards. I'd be happy with the war walls being replaces with the same barriers used for open zone instances - a thin blue force field that is only visible close up. Much less ugly and still in place for story and function. I'd love to see all the in-between spaces fleshed out. Put in housing tracts, low level zones for now - add a lot of space for the RP crowd and more places for low to mid level instance doors. I just done see the
  13. Sounds fun. I'd enjoy getting a Storm team together too.
  14. I also like to put devastation in Lightning Storm complete with the chance to hold. Chance to immob in flashfire. Chance to hold in Fire Cages. And many more depending on build specifics. It is a really nice combo.
  15. The original artists did a really good job with the textures. Still, at 4k, they can show their age.
  16. No it didnt have problems last time.
  17. Attaching it to the floor helped, getting it perfectly flat seems to be beyond me though. Can I push the beacons into the wall or otherwise hide them?
  18. Thank you - and yes to the horizontal.
  19. Could I make one ground / water level on the surface for example? Thanks
  20. I teleport on several characters without hover/fly or whatever. I did on live as well. On my 50 bots/ff mastermind I did get hover along with port. More so because he had power picks to spare then any other reason.
  21. Ah - Just found open Sky. Thanks!!!! You got me looking in the right place.
  22. Thank you, It is one of the max sized rooms. I have stuff on the floor already, though more to come, and walls around the perimeter. I can search for 'Sky' under items but havint found the tab these items are in. When I place it from searching up 'place items' nothing happens. If I clip my head though the roof I can see it --- hmmmm, how do I get rid of the max height ceiling texture? Thanks!
  23. Nothing outside the normal space -that I am aware of- it has only happened once so far.
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