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  1. If there is a new or specific manifest could someone post it?
  2. I have exited the game/launcher several times and even rebooted. The launcher seems like it is updating... My default is x64 I have also tried x32. Some secret magic needed to force an update? Thanks,
  3. MMO / RPG wide term https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=min%2Fmax
  4. Zep

    Fire / Storm

    I have a Fire/Storm I am re-leveling - never quite got him to 50 on live and slowly getting there again. It is a nifty combo with a nice feel to it. Not everything is about perfect numbers. Rain of Fire plus Freezing Rain is awesome. Add Snow Storm and some other AOE any just about anything melts while it just stands there. Hurricain for deference plus tornado, thunderclap, lightning storm and awesomeness - specially with LS slotted with Decimation I think it is to give the hold proc for that extra little bit of safety.
  5. On further thought I hope NCSoft remembers all the hate they got last time they shut down COH. Do they understand allowing Homecoming has lessened this to some degree?
  6. Can one export his characters yet for when one will need to set up his home server?
  7. I wonder at the hew and cry should some ebil-hacker get into the character files and randomize the order of everyone's IOs? Wouldnt affect game play at all - well directly, certainly a lot of characters would be marching to TV to get a respec. 🙂 I have my own OCDisms. Less so slotting IOs -- for SO/Generic IO I tend to go Acc/Dam/recharge etc in a specific order that is easier for me to read quickly for IO sets I havnt caught myself worrying about it. I'll have to look - it is kinda like trying to see the color of my own eye without a mirror.. Oh fine now I have to go l
  8. Just barely #1 as of my vote. LETS KEEP IT THIS WAY PEOPLE.... Some other really good one on the list. Never played Runescape... any good (in an inferior to COH) kind of way?
  9. Fly is my favorite followed by Teleport then Super Speed. On live my Fire/Fire blaster had SS/SJ I dont usually double up on movement but was getting hasten, Combat Jumping, and Acrobatics anyways. My live Fire/Kin controller technically didnt have a travel power -- technically, Siphon Speed and Inertial Reduction accomplish the same thing as SJ. Fly is nice for moving around zones, as others have said go up then straight to your target. Fly is also really nice in missions. Super speed does nice moving around corridors too, SJ and TP just are not as useful
  10. I plat at 4k on a 56" monitor (TV). The UI is scale-able. The biggest issues with 4k/higher resolutions have been fixed by our awesome programmers. They have SCOREd quite the coup. You do need a fairly hefty GPU to get 4k with all the bells and whistles to give a decent frame rate.
  11. I'd be interested to learn more about how to use this power from those who have. Is it possible for two Gravity guys/gals to fling groups back and forth -- juggle even? I need to level a guy up I havnt had any gravity characters high enough since live.
  12. Thanks. So far I just had the Merritt for the build-up set and 6 slotted it for full bonuses in LR as I use it frequently during my Alpha Strike. Which can lead to a triple build up in rare cases which is kinda nice. BU AS LR BU deal with whats left.
  13. The 3d sound not working is a windows direct x thing, direct sound or some such was dropped by Microsoft. Hopefully as time permits COH can be updated to a more modern api. I believe, or so I have read, the full original PhysX has been moved from the old, no longer supported Nvidia api to a separate thread on the cpu --- as modern systems have more then enough spare cpu time on independent cores to handle the work.
  14. Interesting. So you would not 6 slot it in AS or LR?
  15. Were you an elec/elec/mu stalker where would you place your stalker set?
  16. Fire/Storm is a powerhouse -- really though if that is not your cup of tea Kin/Dark and others all work well. Which secondaries do you like?
  17. In my base the permissions windows cuts off the lower ranks -- only the top 2-3 show depending. May have to do with 4k and scaling.
  18. Always at map load. At least so far anyways: You have been forcibly disconnected from the server. MapShuttingDown. Specifically attempting to enter my base this time.
  19. Storm - PB/WS -lots really High level electric melee - my stalker can Lightning Rod and then follow up with chain induction + thunder strike. If thinks get tough I can Power Surge and turn into living lightning and then do all the above again. Electric/Electric Dominator flinging mobs around and firing blasts of lightning everywhere. Fire/Storm Corrupter -- Rain of Fire + Freezing Rain melts just about anything.
  20. Thanks for the info.
  21. Any hints on getting a Scimitar Pro RGB working with COH or anything else? Specifically buttons 10-11-12 7-8-9 would be nice too.
  22. For those that have it how much do you use it? Only class power I dont have on my Elec/Elec stalker.
  23. I was playing on 3x 40" 1080p monitors for a while. It is really nice to have the peripheral vision. In game when teaming ppl would comment on how I would seem to know what is going on much better just 'cause I could see more. On 4k now - in some ways the 3x 1080 was better. Not all games play well with the NV Surround though - some are a little annoying some unplayable.
  24. You get used to it pretty fast. Like looking outside though a screen door.
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