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  1. When I fold space, fulcrum shift, and dreadful wail, everything left wants to kill me badly enough, I don't need more aggro, but thanks. 😄
  2. I’ve given away Inf, and given away enhancements, and even when comparatively lower in gifted value, one or two enhancements always seem to be more welcomed. I suppose maybe just on principle that it becomes immediate pay off to fixing their build, but I just find it to be a far more rewarding experience for both parties to send off an email containing those “last few pieces” they’re looking for rather than a chunk of inf. I hear you, and if I know what they need, I can often do that too. But often it's someone, likely new, in /help asking abstractly how to get enough inf to upgrade
  3. It would be cool if there was an explicit setting for "Not Roleplaying"; e.g., if the toggle had three states: "" (empty), "Roleplaying", and "Not Roleplaying"
  4. ... I tank with my Defender sometimes. It's crazy. It's dangerous. It's exciting. It can be amazing. 😄 But if a Sentinel could do it instead of me, I think that's a win. 😃
  5. I give money away in-game. I also try to give advice to people on how to at least not lose their shirts in Wentworth's shopping sprees; otherwise I give 100m away, and 80m comes back.
  6. I think it is both directions. Those with hardly any inf at any given time are surprised there are so many with multiple billions, and those with a lot of billions not realizing there are quite a few people who either never gained much inf, or constantly have spent most of it.
  7. The value of this is what you could sell it for; i.e., mark to market: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark-to-market_accounting However, if you tried to sell it all at once, it would either take weeks or crash prices for many of these. The LotG market could probably handle the volume, but most of the rest of these sell for peanuts if you tried to liquidate fast. Unless you made these from recipes and used catalysts to attune them, in which case I'd estimate the value is probably negative on the whole. The real value in this, which I think you chose this cour
  8. I'm glad I don't farm, this sounds both tedious and a poor return per hour. But if it's relaxing to someone else; play the way you enjoy playing. Does it ever make sense to disable lower color recipes? E.g., to make more space for the better ones? Or is stopping now and then to offload a normal part of the process?
  9. Yes, everything in moderation. I've been on radio teams fighting council where the lead tank demand everyone stand in a spot while they herd. Waht. Wahht? It's council. Herd on the go friend. Really, it'll work out. 😄 And yes, I like teams that stick together, but not stuck together. Most of the synergy in the game happens without hardly a thought or effort if you stand sort of together. Range out and grab mobs for us, sure. Go help someone who's in trouble. Stay at range a bit for safety and blast away. Use your own best judgment. When in doubt, ask. If it goes wrong,
  10. Or to send stacks of certain things in regular character to character emails.
  11. Fair statement. It would be very cool to have a separate account-wide salvage/recipe/enhancements windows.
  12. I run into this even doing radios or papers. Sometimes the team wants to wait for everyone to zone in before we start so that no one misses out. We are not going to run out of mobs. Even when this team disbands, another will form. If we have enough people in the mission to be up to the challenge, let's go. Us waiting here at the door won't get them to the mobs earlier, it only makes us late. People want to be nice, want to be considerate, they really do. But it can be taken advantage of, or even unintentionally misused. Don't join a team and expect them to wait while y
  13. One of the things I've always wanted in City of Heroes is a way to defeat enemies without seeming to kill or seriously injure them. Maybe this would only work for minions, but if they were sufficiently controlled, or held confused long enough, or something, that they would call it quits being a bad guy for the day, put their hands up, and walk off the scene to disappear. Maybe saying something like "Mother was right, I should have gone into dentistry" or "I wonder if Paragon Pizza is hiring drivers." Or they could cross their wrists, bow their heads low a bit, and perp walk of sham
  14. All the incarnate salvage can be broken down into Threads, so if threads could be mailed, that would be one way to solve it. However, the way the email works, the threads would be sent one at a time. Perhaps there could be a "Incarnate Spools" which are converted from 100 threads, and can be converted back to 100 threads would make that more workable. There might be disadvantages to being able to do this, but I would think they'd be relatively small, considering we can already send Empyrean Merits in the emails to our global names, and even 50 at a time by converting to Transcenden
  15. If you convert those merits to inf, you'll need to find space to store it all. Merits won't drop in value, keep 'em.
  16. Does the Force Feedback +Recharge proc work in Singy?
  17. This isn't quite the same, but it seems to me it could be used to great effect: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Force_Feedback:_Chance_for_%2BRecharge
  18. Much as I hate hurricane, it's a playstyle, and a good one for those who use it. It seems to me, a lot of these are already fixed the the KB->KD enhances, and Multiple Builds are also a thing. Make a build for soloing or for KB teams, and another for when people frown at you for the knockback. I've never taken Black Hole, but I might if it did a slowly drawing in effect. Bu again, there's probably someone, maybe quite a few people, out there who likes it the way it is. Don't wreck their world. What if there were two variants of the power accessible via (optional) pop
  19. If anything playing a villain has taught me is that Family is Wealth. ... Once you sell them for medical experiments.
  20. I keep a spreadsheet list of my characters and storage means, and classify assets as cash (actual inf currently on a character), liquid (things I could turn into cash with a click, like emails I could claim and auction bids to buy I could cancel), semi-liquid (things that I could probably sell quickly, but not instantly and not at buy-it-now value), and the rest, stuff that I could sell, but it would take a long time and return a fraction of the buy-it-now price. And I don't track anything that's actually slotted on a character. If a player is cash poor, but has multiple well-kitte
  21. Even if all it did was let you load pre-saved costumes, I'd use it.
  22. 1 Billion = 1,000 Million = 1,000,000,000 so short-scale billions.
  23. It could go both ways. Yes, it's possible fewer people might join teams doing specific below-50 content; but more might start and run that content and take teams along if it did not need be run as a Task-Force style Ouroboros arc.
  24. As noted in Yomo's poll-thread about character wealth, I'd like to see statistics generated on character and account-wide influence/infamy/information wealth: I think this would serve the purpose, if binned such that it did not become a bragging point, to help us determine the health of the in-game economy and if additional influence sinks were needed, and if so, targeted at whom.
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