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  1. Wait, I thought the highest bid purchased the lowest asking price.
  2. I'm 35. I started in the Summer of '08 when my college roommate introduced me to the game.
  3. I see that both a "Thumbs up" and "Thumbs down|" reaction were added. Can we get a "Rolls eyes"?
  4. I too try to ensure my NPC allies survive. I find the main difficulty in accomplishing this is the difficulty settings I use. I almost exclusively solo, so there tend to be far too many enemies for the NPC to survive at +X/8. My Tanker is the only one that even comes close due to Taunt and Invincibility. Even then, Ms. Liberty seemed to have a death wish in the Infernal mission during Maria Jenkins' arc. Her wish ended up being granted...
  5. @America's Angel, perhaps you could elaborate on why you believe /Regen to be the best tanking set.
  6. To be fair: I know who Paul McCartney is, but I have never heard of a band called Wings.
  7. Greetings! For the number crunchers in the community: How do you calculate optimal attack chains? From reading the forums, Live as well as HC, I recall some of the following: Katana - GD -> GC -> SD -> GC -> Repeat Broadsword - Headsplitter -> Hack -> Disembowel -> Hack -> Repeat Dark Melee - MG -> Smite -> SL -> Smite -> Repeat Claws -> FU -> Focus -> Slash -> Repeat I am working on some builds with other Melee Primaries, but I am not sure what to shoot for in terms of Recharge. My math skill
  8. Thanks a lot, @Darkir! I'll ponder over these an let you know if I have any questions.
  9. @Darkir, Thank you! Ice/ is definitely for theme, so I would very much like to keep it. Thank you for taking the time to help!
  10. Good Evening, Folks! I am working on building my first Corruptor. I do not team much as I prefer to take my time and read all mission dialogue, clues, etc. Hence, my goal is to create a character that can solo well and take on AVs as they are rather than as EBs. My build thus far is softcapped to S/L/E and achieves PermaHasten without use of Incarnates. My Recovery should also be sufficient with Accolades and the regular use of Heat Loss. That said, it feels a bit slapdash, and I am not quite convinced that I will get the most out of it. This Villain build was built usi
  11. @Miles, are you looking for Enhancement Unslotters (i.e. the piece of Salvage that allows you to remove an enhancement from a given slot), or are you suggesting the creation of something that would allow you to remove a slot from a power without having to use a Respec?
  12. This^ Targeting through another player (e.g. the Tank) can be useful. However, sometimes the "hail of special effects" is such that I and others cannot tell which enemy we are targeting when using this feature. Thus, we sometimes cannot tell whether targeting through another remains useful. Therefore, it would be useful to have a "target of target" window to assist in making that determination.
  13. Perhaps I am not understanding you correctly. Strawmen and Ad Hominem attacks are logical fallacies. That is to say, they are errors in logic that either undermine their own arguments or are irrelevant to the discussion at hand. If one were to have a conversation/discussion/debate with another person who relies on logical fallacies in support of their position, how can that conversation be fruitful when the other person isn't actually providing a coherent argument? It seems that pointing out errors in logic would be necessary in order for the conversation to progress. As always, co
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