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  1. Well, just built a Mace/Regan Brute on test server and I don't know what there is not to love about it. Went with Force of Will power pool, got passive S/L defence to around 33%, and perma hastened, and a passive regen of around 95hp/sec. Pretty much ALWAYS have either Instant Healing, Unleash potential, or MoG up at all times (maybe around 10-15 seconds between cycles) When MoG was up: 15 secs of basically being untouchable, plus the 95hp/sec and 33% s/l defence When Instant Healing was up: 90 secs of 200+ hp/sec, plus 33% s/l defence When Unleash Potential w
  2. Great minds! Every time I see a powerset trashed, I'm like... Literally can't help myself.
  3. Same. Although I am thinking War Mace/Regen with Force of Will so stomp and crowd control can buy time for the regen to work.
  4. Think conceptually it would be great if the Regen Self-Rez was on an almost instant recharge. That, for me, would give the set a much more concept-friendly hook. Yes, Regen isn’t the strongest set available, but that’s not really the point. CoH is joyous in its variation and the freedom it affords players in terms of imagination. Neither Deadpool nor Wolverine are the most powerful and regularly get their asses handed to them in fights. They die, it hurts, they get up again and go again. Know he’s not Regen but look at Captain America in the end of End Game. Taken
  5. Pretty much! I actually find myself deliberately gimping him sometimes just to keep him on the underdog theme. 30% S/L resist from Dark Embrace in epic pool? Forget it. You’re getting 8.75% from body armour and you’ll be grateful for it! 😂
  6. I actually asked this question because I was struggling with a dilemma myself, so big thanks for the answers. I’m not short on 50s, but there’s only one I love - my Archery/TA blaster Agincourt Prime. But for all I love him, he’s not my most powerful character. In fact he’s not even my most powerful blaster, for that matter. So there always has been a bit of guilt attached to playing him as it’s a self-indulgence. I can bring much more to a team than him, MUCH more, so feel like I’m not pulling enough weight if I play him instead. But actually, this thread has hel
  7. Think it depends on how you intend to play your Sentinel. I mean, there is no NEED to go for the resistance caps on Sentinels because no one is relying on you for their own survival. In teams you won’t have enough aggro if you’re with a half decent tank or brute to need topped outlet resistances. Then again, if you’re planning on running ahead of a team, trying to be a pseudo tank, or cracking difficulty up to +4/x8 and soloing, then yes, resistances matter then. Generally Sentinels just need to be able to look after themselves. That said, it’s much easier to bui
  8. Why the hell have I never tried a Fortunata? This is part of my struggle tbh. I think I love a character, then I read the forums and my head gets turned 😂🙈
  9. The struggle with altitis is real, yet the love for a main never dies. Just wondering how many among us have found that forever character that will always be special for you above all others and played considerably more? And, if so, what was it that made it special? Power set combos? Play style? Costume/looks? Sentimentality? Very curious to learn.
  10. Don't think you need the second hold and the chain heal tbh. The heal will only heal for around 10-12% tops. Think if you are trying to build more of a higher damage controller rather than Sentinel, it could fit thematically, but don't think that heal is ever going to change the course of a bad situation. In truth, think Elec3 does enough AoE control out of the box to be described as a hybrid AT of sorts, without needing to build for extra. Stacking holds are great for trollers/doms/blasters, but a Sentinel can easily stand toe-to-toe with a boss without needing to wo
  11. Think a lot of it depends on playstyle tbh. I always find that in CoX one person’s perfect combination is another’s terrible. That’s the true genius of the game I think. I have/have had all three fire blast combinations mentioned by the OP, and they are all superb but they play very differently. FIRE/KIN: The fast and frantic ‘seat of your pants’ self-buffing damage monster. It is a wrecking ball of pure damage, but it takes a lot of work to operate it well. FIRE/RAD: I mained a Fire/Rad corruptor on live and it’s amazing when facing a tough foe like an AV or GM.
  12. Practiced Brawler: Clicky power and, I believe, stackable with enough recharge, but you have to actively maintain it. Master Brawler: Same mezz protection (minus the potential stacking) with it simply being ported over to your existing toggles, meaning you no longer have to maintain it. You also get a clickable absorb shield. It's a no-brainer really. As @Bill Z Bubbasaid, Master Brawler is the version all SR sets should have really.
  13. Yup, Sentinel Tesla Cage is just another gravy entirely to the blaster version. Good base damage and it can take as many procs as you want to put into it.
  14. Elec Blast is definitely a better set on Sentinels than it is on Blasters. If you properly proc out Tesla Cage and Dominate (Psi Mastery) you will not be lacking for ST damage at all on a Sentinel. In fact it would probably be at least comparable recycling them with Zapping Bolt. While Thunderous Blast won't hit the spike damage of blaster, it is up twice as often, albeit affecting fewer targets. Sentinels are always a trade-off on spike damage and number targets in terms of AoE. That said, a blaster recycling Lightning Bolt, Zapp, and their version on Tesla Cage (procced) would p
  15. Been a while since this thread was updated and figured more people have a lot more experience now (I know I have) so was worth reviving. Elec/Elec/Elec: Superb resist, reasonable defence with clever investment, good single target damage and a good level of soft control. A real Swiss Army knife of a Sentinel. Psy/Invul/Psi: Invul is brilliant with anything, but Psy Blast has good proc potential, a good nuke, and scramble thoughts is a delight. Rad/NRG/Psi: A bit of a surprise star this one. NRG secondary is a lovely set and quick animating rotation of irradiate —&g
  16. Well AVs don’t, in my experience at least, require anything more than enough recharge to cycle your biggest attacks and enough survivability to last the fight. They’ll resist just about all the -tohit from dark. Opportunity becomes an underrated asset against an AV. I’ve successfully solo’d, for example, an ITF on a fire/sr Sentinel which are probably the two most basic click-and-go sets around. Others have done similar far more impressively than me too. But yes, I’d say dark/rad would be a good combo generally. A good PBAOE punch, good survivability, and a lot of proc
  17. I’d recommend Resist sets for Dark Blast synergy. On defence sets you’re likely going to be shooting for the def cap anyway, so resist sets make the most of the -tohit. I think a secondary with a strong PBAOE also works great with Dark Blast as you can fire off a good one-two punch with the nuke. So /fire and /Rad would be great choices. As for Elec Blast, it’s hard to look past /Elec and /NRG. I have a Elec/Elec/Elec and he’s a beast, but the sapping + defence of Elec/NRG sounds brilliant. No endurance means fewer attacks, and that’s really maximises a defence set.
  18. Strange old thread, this. I mean, I don’t enjoy playing Masterminds but I don’t go on the MM sub-forum and start a thread to tell Mastermind players how WRONG they are to enjoy their characters. It has always amazed me that people want to turn the incredible variety of CoH into a negative. There is an odd concept that dealing damage is the only thing people should value or enjoy doing. That has always confused me too. I play Sentinels a lot and I play blasters a lot. Love them both. I also play corrupters and defenders a bit. I’m basically a ranged kind of guy. I mean, I ha
  19. Suddenly got a weird urge to make an Elec/Regen sentinel... 🤣
  20. I think Doms don’t exemplar well, admittedly, because the attack powers that make a real difference are back loaded. A good tweak would be to give them a Blaze or Bitter Ice Blast or whatever much earlier, perhaps in the mid-20s. I didn’t notice it too much when I was levelling as I took the powers I could, but my Doms’ end-game build, like most people’s, respecced the vast majority of the early attacks out because of the recharge that comes with chasing perma-Dom. Then again, maybe there should be a trade-off like that for perma-Dom? I do though think we are stil
  21. Reading this thread it appears many are suggesting Dominators are changed simply because they don’t personally like playing them. I find that odd. I don’t like Masterminds, the mindset required to play them well just isn’t in me, but fair play to the many people who love playing their MMs. That’s their AT and I hope they have a blast playing it. Dominators will never be hugely popular. Damage is popular, stacks of it. Cold, raw, unthinking, simple hack, slash, and blast damage. In fact with Homecoming I’d say players gorge on damage more than ever before. Dominators are much more of
  22. I have to say my Psy/SR is right up there for me as far as Sentinels go. I’m no @oldskoolwhen it comes to Sentinels but I have quite a few now who have been played all the way to T4 incarnate, and there is something I really like about Psy/SR. Obviously a thematic synergy with Psi Mastery helps, as I’m a slave to the thematic in general, but that is far from the whole story. Properly slotted (procced), Domination and Scramble Thoughts give you two huge ST attacks, and both have just a 5-6 second recharge, so there’s that. Then you also have the Psychic
  23. That’s easy. You should only need four words. Scourging Rain of Fire.
  24. If you go fire mastery for your epic and take bonfire, you’d be surprised just how much control and damage mitigation you can get. Between bonfire (with knockdown) and hot feet, mobs barely get an attack away before they are burned into a heap on the ground. I took the new combat teleport to make it even more fun too. Start out with dropping a bonfire into middle of mob, combat TP in on top of it, drop burn, inferno, fireball, fire sword circle, maybe a bit of Rain of Fire or combustion. Whatever tickles your fancy really. Then of course you have your blaze and blazing bolt to finish
  25. Interesting build. Here are a few pointers I’d give, not on your build specifically but on building Elec Sentinels in general. I took my Elec*3 down a slightly different route. • Hasten: I usually take hasten as a staple in all my builds but I skipped it on my Elec sentinel. With Lightning Reflexes buff recharge can be enhanced to a good enough level. I found I didn’t miss hasten at all. • Tesla Cage: I have five damage procs in Tesla Cage as well as an Acc/Dam (gladiator’s javelin I think). Makes it hit incredibly hard. • Resists: There is often almost
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