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  1. And a fine job you did of it too 😎👏🏻
  2. I absolutely adore blasters and I can’t deny it. I have some really powerful ones too that do insane damage. Here is the kicker though... the toon I have that gets by far and away the most compliments and is noticed most by team mates on any content, whether it’s at lvl 15 or 50... is my Elec*3 Sentinel. Sentinels get a rough reputation in-game with many, perhaps even most, believing them to be underpowered and ultimately obsolete, particularly in end-game content. But that reputation is not deserved. The truth is that Sentinels probably have the hardest sweet s
  3. I have a Fire/NRG blaster which is probably my favourite character. I personally completely agree that hasten isn’t required. I put Energize on auto for the Regen buff and endurance reduction, and have 100% global recharge in bonuses which is enough. I would, though, strongly disagree that you need S/L/E defence as well as ranged. For me it’s either/or. I hover blast so ranged is absolutely fine for me. If I blapped, I might go Scorpion/Ice shield instead, but not as well as. Few reasons for that: • If you’re teaming, it’s better to just manage aggro. Attack
  4. Union was a great server back in the day. Such a small community that became very tight-knit. You recognised everyone. Good times.
  5. Well, that’s one opinion. Have to say though, that it’s not one I share, and I’ve levelled up at least a dozen defenders. TA has some very strong AoE damage, and things being dead is pretty good damage mitigation as far as I’m concerned. And it’s got AoE knockdown, and AoE -recharge, both of which keep them inside the strong AoE damage. I wouldn’t call it the best defender set, but it’s certainly not a ‘weak’ one either, solo or otherwise. It has its weaknesses for sure, but that’s where the player comes into it to play to it’s strengths instead - just the exact same as any
  6. We’re they on Union? I definitely remember them! Empath defender iirc.
  7. Surely every set has such a weakness though. Shame that invul folds when Psi start shooting at you. Shame shield defence folds when defence debuffs start stacking on you, etc etc etc. Every set has limitations. My TA def is no more squishy than any other of my characters whose AT wasn't specifically designed to take aggro, and he can solo fine. Yes, he may not solo +4/x8 (although he can certain weaker groups such as council), but he's by no means a 'weak' soloer.
  8. It’s an outstanding set and one that doesn’t get anywhere near the credit it deserves. I had a TA/A Defender on Live and he’s about the only character I’ve remade on HC. If anything, he’s even better now because buff-heavy defender sets tend to feel a bit superfluous in end game given that most players seem to have buffed themselves with IOs before you even get to them. Since TA is all debuffs, though, a TA character makes everyone better. With a defence and recharge build, I find my TA/A solos great too. Ignited Oil Slick arrow, glue arrow, procced-out acid arrow, then a R
  9. One major trick you’re missing is not proccing out Tesla Cage. I have one Acc/Dam then five damage procs (two of them purple) in mine and it turns it into an absolute beast of a ST attack. Have to say my Elec/Elec Sentinel is my favourite ever character because he’s so versatile. He has: Good damage, good control, great in the middle of the mob but easily able to hover-blast too, and survivability that puts many scrappers to shame. There is literally no situation he can’t adapt to or contribute to. Feel free to message me on Discord or on here and I’ll happily s
  10. Absolutely this. No two blasters are the same and no two sentinels are the same, and the same can be said for every AT in the game. That variation is something that makes this game as brilliant as it is. Everyone can choose what they enjoy playing the most. There is no ‘best,’ there is no ‘better than.’ We all get to decide for ourselves. I love my Elec*3 Sentinel. Probably my favourite character to play because it’s the most versatile, even if it’s not the best damage I have available to choose from. To me, that versatility is worth more than the extra damage and more enjo
  11. The egotists are my biggest annoyance on this game. You know the type... THEY always know best. They know what powersets you should be choosing. They know what playstyle you should enjoy. They know what powers you should pick and the exact order in which you should click them. Yeah, you’ve played YOUR character for untold hours, know it inside out, love it, but they feel the need to lecture you about it. They even want to tell you exactly what you should find fun. Then, of course, should you have the sheer temerity to not immediately prostrate yourself before them and acknowledge the
  12. I agree with you to a point: blasters are certainly better damage than sentinels. I disagree with your original premise, though, which is both AT’s role is ranged damage. A blaster’s role is definitely damage (though not necessarily ranged), but think a sentinel has more a utility role. If they were for meant damage, they’d have a higher damage multiplier.
  13. I don’t miss power surge on my Elec*3 at all. With capped S/L/E/F/C resist, 60% Psi resist, 24-30% positional defences, and the Regen buff from perma-Energise, it’s got plenty of layered survivability - and that’s before you take their endurance
  14. Horse-plop. Pure, unadulterated horse-plop.
  15. The Blaster v Sentinel debate frustrates me immeasurably, because it’s generalised to the point of making it absolutely meaningless. Generalising the debate ignores three key premises: 1. Not everyone enjoys the same thing 2. Not everyone has the same playstyle 3. Power sets don’t synergise the same across ATs And by ignoring them, the debate replaces them with three entirely wrong, and frankly damaging, premises instead, which are: 1. Everyone SHOULD enjoy the same thing 2. Everyone SHOULD have the same playstyle 3. Nuance, and
  16. The test server helped my altitis. Process back in the day: Step 1: Idea I would think up some combination of powers, either based upon a character concept or game mechanics, or just because I’d never tried a particular power set or some such. Step 2: Theory This is when the idea would get a theoretical design in Mids so I could see the numbers. Step 3: Levelling If the theory stage looked good, I’d make the character and level it. Some levelled quick, some slow. Some were abandoned as I didn’t like how they played. Step 4: Im
  17. Fire Blast: The speed of the animations more so than the damage just makes it feel fast and frantic. Super Reflexes: Click and go, easy soft-capped defence, recharge buff. What’s not to love? Stone Melee: BANG, screen shake, bigger BANG, wallop! Most underrated and underused set on whole game imo. Just lacking in an AoE chain really, so I get why many aren’t keen. Trick Arrow: It’s not the most powerful set, but it’s far better than it’s given credit for. It’s also tremendous fun will quick recharges with Oil Slick particularly brilliant. Electrical A
  18. I’d like to suggest a fire/rad corruptor with a few caveats: • IF it’s IO’d for ranged defence • IF it has the clarion incarnate • IF you pick up an AoE immob in epic/patron power pools to keep groups in RoF • IF you’re not expecting it to be easy and are happy to embrace that.
  19. TA/A Defenders very much can solo pretty nicely. It's a set that really doesn't get the love and respect it deserves!
  20. Yes, I have to speak up for TA too. I think the perception of TA suffers from its lack of visual flamboyance. Watch a TA player and all you’ll see is the same animation over and over and an arrow heading into a mob. That’s it. Oil Slick aside, if you watch the mob you won’t see much visually remarkable happening from a TA player. It just doesn’t look exciting, so many find it hard to get excited about. Under the hood, though, TA is a very potent set and, contrary to your experience, I have actually found that soloing is when you discover the true strength of TA. Agincourt
  21. I can’t think of a single reason to take PB over MB. Like, literally not one. I’m staggered the devs even bothered to leave PB in the set to be honest.
  22. Some thoughts on TA/A defender: 1) In terms of AoE debuffs, it’s very hard to criticise it. Fast animations mean that within 5 seconds a mob’s damage, recharge, resistance, and defence are all severely reduced. 2) AoE damage is nice too with oil slick, Rain of Arrows, and explosive arrow (slotted with KB>KD IO) thrown in on top of the debuffed mob. 3) It does lack for a little -Regen on AVs, but that can be helped by incarnate. The -resist and -damage is really effective in these fights though. 4) You’re not going to be steamrolling big mobs solo,
  23. On Flash Arrow, my understanding of it was that it was always a situational -perception aggro management tool rather than a battle-hardened -tohit staple debuff. Like an AoE sleep, it was the power you wanted to use on a mob close to the one your team was piling into so you kept them from getting aggro’d too. Not that it matters in endgame content now with IOs and incarnate boosted toons happy to aggro a whole map because they know they won’t take a scratch, but back in the day it was very useful, situationally, and still can be during the level-grind now.
  24. I love this post because it cuts through all the crap and answers the Sentinel OR Blaster question in the most succinct and best possible way. The answer, as you say, is both. Play both, appreciate both, enjoy both for what they are.
  25. I played a fully IO’d TA/Archery Defender on Live and I can say with absolute honesty it was arguably the most powerful team toon I had (of 27 level 50s I played) and by far and away the most fun.
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