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  1. I’ve went the middle ground between your builds on my Fire/NRG. Capped Ranged defence (playstyle choice as dislike melee/blapping and prefer to play hover-blaster instead), 50% S/L/F resists, 50% damage bonus, perma-hasten. Puts an AV down solo in around 2-3 mins. Love him.
  2. I absolutely love concept builds like this. Build creativity is very underrated in my opinion. Kudos to you. On the question itself, I think range as a mitigation tool is a little wasted on Sentinels as you already have all the mitigation you will ever really need. That goes even more so for top tier survival sets like Bio and Invul. If you are soloing at, say x4, you should have all the mitigation you need from Bio. If you are soloing at x8, the AoE cap will kick in and likely negate any advantage the cones are giving you. But all that aside, it's just theory on my p
  3. I agree with @oldskool. Fiery Aura is a little underwhelming on Sentinels if you are looking for a great playing experience as opposed to something conceptual. Burn and Consume entice you into the melee but the set doesn't really offer you the mitigation to allow you to do so with any real comfort. My experience of Fiery Aura on a Sentinel was that if you're in a team with a good tank and pick your moment to jump in and out of melee, it's a nice set. I was disappointed with it from a self-sustaining point of view though, because for me that is the key attraction of a Sentinel - an
  4. Absolutely agree on the Sentinel regen. I've solo'd AVs on my Sonic/Regen with no resists and less than 20% defence.
  5. Think the major difference is that those other builds you mentioned are that good with the help of IOs. If IH went back to its old version, Regen would be that good out of the box without any need for IOs. Then people would be free to stack massive resist/def bonuses on top through set bonuses. Regen maybe needs a little more help somewhere. I'd be all for a small buff here or there. Don't think restoring IH to its issue 2 incarnation would be that, though.
  6. For most of the time on Live it wasn't a toggle. Don't see anything wrong with IH as a situational buff, particularly with MoG there too. Regen definitely better on a Sentinel in my opinion, but making it overpowered right out of the box by making IH a toggle again won't fix anything. That's even more so when Regens can still add defence on top with IOs,
  7. When you solo Dominatrix she can really leave a mess 🤣
  8. Would like to add Sonic/Regen to this list if I may. The build was an experiment of mine to try and make the absolute most out of Opportunity in it’s current form. Thought sonic -res could stack on opportunity -res and defensive opportunity’s heal could stack on top of Regen when needed. It leans heavily on a procced Dominate (as most Sentinels do) for big spike damage but great survivability without any real defence (<20) and resists, and really contributed to teams due to the -res and soft control from shockwave and the nuke. Even solo’d a couple of AVs without insp
  9. Think Sentinels really appeal to those who like to stay at range and hover blast. Know I’m one of them. Forcing melee powers into their primary would kill all the appeal for me. I’d just play blasters instead since I could do exactly the same but hit harder.
  10. Think it’d be too much to give blasters Mez protect. There should be a penalty/vulnerability for so much damage and that one is fair. Agree with you that Sentinels should be getting a little more of everything though. As for opportunity, I’d love an unlockable build up with a mechanic similar to that of Domination. More you attack you build your fury/opportunity bar, and when full it unlocks a big damage buff for 30 seconds or so - but you get to control when you activate it. Shouldn’t be possible to perma though. Don’t think Sentinels need major changes by any means. Just
  11. Can completely second what oldskool said about +end procs. Currently levelling a fire/invul and he’s at lvl 31 atm. Running around 56% global recharge bonus and it was killing my blue bar even with Durability taken. Grabbed 2 Performance Shifters and a Panacea and endurance issues have completely gone.
  12. For me it’s when I start rooting for them, and for that I’ve learned I need some vulnerability there. Like everyone else, I have the overpowered, huge damage, +4/x8 on their own without losing health, AV-soloing characters, but they bore me because I can’t really connect. Then again, my staff/SR scrapper was doing some lvl 40ish missions last night... no real spike damage and could take a big hit any time, and I was happy as anything because he was an underdog I could root for. When he came through stuff, there was a sense of victory and achievement rather than the dull i
  13. Fire/Dark corruptor is so good you’ll be ashamed to tell your parents you’ve done it.
  14. I just wish they’d give Sentinels a bit of a buff. Completely understand the initial caution, but think we know enough now to know they need a little extra something. I love mine and probably consider Sentinels my AT, but they shouldn’t have to be so reliant on procs and so limited in terms of AoE. They shouldn’t be Blaster level damage, obviously, but right now it’s a massively unfair trade off. Sentinels have to give up damage, range, AoE cap, and build-up for... *checks notes*... a little bit more survivability. That’s a bad deal and they should be given some h
  15. I'll certainly give them a look!
  16. This would be a big no for me. We’ve all been on end-game content with characters literally straight out of AE. Last thing we need is a bunch of people with 1000 vet levels, all of which were gained while stood next to a door, bragging about how how powerful they are. Think slowly earning your power is one of the true highlights of CoX, but it needs to be done through 1-50, not 50-1000. I started a stone melee/SR Brute, thrown together on a random whim to be honest, a few weeks ago and started him in Preatoria. I’ve solo’d him all the way, which has cost me the joys of team
  17. But that is surely a loaded test as some sets have strong defence debuff resistance, some don't. Some sets rely on defence, some don't Again, not criticising anyone. It's an absolutely fair observation that Regen does not solo a max-dif ITF as well as other sets can. I'm just saying it doesn't prove anything more than just that.
  18. I think that's the absolute joy of this game - the journey. Start off fighting street crime, get powerful enough to take on organised villain groups, graduate to AVs, then hit the endgame and get to join the fight against inter-dimensional threats to mankind. It is for me, anyway. Right now, I am tootling along soloing the Crimson arc on my incarnate archer on just +1/x1. Zeus Titans are kicking my ass. It's a fight, and I'm loving it. To those who love to solo at +4/x8, what I am doing is probably madness, especially since I have access to any number of characters who could do ju
  19. I mean, don't get me wrong here. I really do prefer ranged characters and ply them 90% of the time. I have no specific love for Regen if truth be told. Just really commenting on the philosophy behind comparatively judging Regen, or any other set, to be honest. As far as I can ascertain, there is an assumed basis that soloing specific content on +4/x8 is a crucial benchmark for any given build's quality. I find that odd in a Massively multiplayer online game. I agree completely that 'fun' is a highly subjective concept, but surely so is 'playable'? I know I lot of peopl
  20. I’m just still trying to get my head around the supposed fact that being able to solo an ITF on maximum difficulty settings, the ease with which it’s possible, and the consistency with the theoretical data, is the new criteria for ‘playable’. I feel like we may have, somewhere along the line, lost sight of the soul of this game among an ever-thickening fog of spreadsheets.
  21. I’ve got a SR/War Mace tank myself and they are absolutely glorious.
  22. Must admit, I don’t see the need for Scorpion Shield on an archer. It’s the very definition of overkill. You don’t really have any need at all to be in melee range, so just cap ranged defence and pick up something more useful in epic power pools. Any other blaster and I swear by it, but not an A/TA.
  23. Cimerorans are tough for many powersets though. Doesn't mean the powerset is weak, it means they are strong. I mean, I am not saying Regen is suddenly brilliant. That wasn't the question. Just saying that it is definitely worth playing. It's never going to be a top choice of someone who likes a more click-friendly toggle-up-and-play character, but I guess it would be boring if we all liked the same stuff. I can't stand Willpower, I find it mind-numbingly dull, but others love it. I dunno, maybe I am just old school but I still believe that while a good powerset can ma
  24. Was +4/x8, although really that was +3 due to Alpha T3. One each against Carnies, Council, and CoT. Two AVs. Couldn't handle Inferno solo (due to the spike fire damage), but could take down Chimera (could handle his s/l attacks) Although, I guess being able to routinely take down AVs solo is not really that important to me in whether or not a set is worth playing. Admittedly, I know it's important to some though.
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