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  1. Solo'd ITF on my Fire/SR today. I know it's hardly rare these days but still felt good. Didn't do it especially spectacularly (1:21:50 - I won't be challenging @nihiliiany time soon!) but zero deaths either. Was good fun too, which is the important bit.
  2. Definitely related, yes. I wanted to make something a bit more tanky and so it turned out. I must admit though, I thought by getting plenty of recharge and taking knockout blow from patron pool I could offset more of the damage compromises I made then I ultimately achieved, and I’ve still solo’d AVs with him, so he’s certainly no dud. There’s just something about him though that feels weak and underwhelming. He is what he was supposed to be though: A tanky, steady yet unspectacular sentinel, so I’ve no complaints. One day I’ll get round to Fire/Invul JUST to do a comparison!
  3. I suppose like all ATs there are very different experiences depending upon the different sets involved. A Titan Weapons scrapper will, I suspect, have a very different experience of the AT to the one a Staff Fighting or Kinetic Melee will. So it’s difficult to make sweeping AT-wide conclusions. I have fully IO’d out two Sentinels at this point, and they feel completely different. Energy/Invul: Supremely tough, never feeling in any danger (except to Psi). Capped typed defence, capped S/L resist, good other resists. Good recharge but feels slower than it is due to longer anim
  4. Must admit, I love the Defensive in opportunity and never really understood why it doesn’t get much love. It makes a big difference on my SR, but suppose it’s easy to see why it’s much less effective on other secondary sets. That said, seems inevitable it’s going in favour of greater damage/accuracy, which I guess is a trade off that will benefit the AT as a whole.
  5. More than happy to defer to @oldskoolon the dark armour overview. He’s provided a brilliant comparative guide in general. 👏🏻
  6. I would personally go Dark/Fire from those choices, just because I don’t think Dark Armour has been adapted to Sentinels very well at all. I’m a believer though that you can make any combination work and your favourite characters always end up being the ones you can’t really explain why you love them - you just do.
  7. How sweet was level 20 back then?! Cape and Stamina. God that felt good. It was all about milestones back then really. lvl 12: DOs lvl 14: Travel power lvl 20: Cape/Stamina lvl 22: SOs lvl 30: Auras Suppose it still is about milestones now. The milestones have just changed and the major ones have been moved back, with 50 itself now a milestone before incarnate rather than the destination. I personally look back in the old school CoH days with rose-tinted glasses and remember all the quirky, fun nuances it provided. But in reality, could I be
  8. It’s funny because I personally look at the blaster v sentinel question and ask why you’d play a blaster when you could be a sentinel! It’s all subjective based on what you value the most in a toon. For me, sacrificing some damage to gain a lot more security and survivability is a trade worth making. For those who value maximum damage more than me, I expect it’s not. For some, the high risk high reward playstyle of a blaster is thrilling and exciting, and you lose that with a sentinel. For me, though, it’s stressful, so I go with the lower risk, lower reward Sentinel.
  9. I’ve got two level 50 Sentinels (so far, currently working on an Elec/Rad), both fully IO’d out. One is Energy/Invul, one is Fire/SR. Statistically, my invul is better with capped type defences (all but Psi) and capped S/L resist, and perma hasten and dull pain. However, S/R just seems to have that X-factor in-game that Mids can’t measure. It’s a million miles more fun through the levels and then the Destiny incarnate slot fills either the heal or resist gap in the build (I went heal). There is a disclaimer here that it may be fire over energy that’s making the
  10. I would love to see Opportunity improved and/or damage and AoE cap increased, but if they left Sentinels exactly how they are I’d still love them. Yeah there are bigger damage dealers around, but Sentinels are incredibly versatile and reliable. They can kill for themselves and look after themselves. They can fight at range or come right into the middle of the melee without fear. They can solo great and they can add that versatility to teams. With some investment of influence and time, they can kill AVs by themselves too so it’s not like they are incurable week. Will happily
  11. I’m loving this combo so much. My build has perma-hasten, perma CC, capped ranged defence, and capped resistance to Smashing, Lethal, and Cold (not that you ever need cold resist!). Just basically stand back, confuse a mob, immob them, drop freezing rain on them, smash them with CC, then toss a tornado and water spout at them for good measure. There are some endurance challenges atm, I must admit. I’m pretty sure Incarnate slotting (I have nothing atm) will solve that though.
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