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  1. Oookay. You seem to have got a firm grasp of the ridiculous, but let it go before your mom catches you in the act 🙂 Happy holidays and jingle bells and all that jizz ^^
  2. You're projecting. I'm perfectly calm whereas you get triggered by even the hint of disagreement. You said Shockwave was *ridiculous* with that specific IO-slotting, something that implies it's comparably strong. When it's patently not. I simply made a rational comparison to sprinkle a little dosage of calm levelheadedness into your rose-colored zomglol reminiscence.
  3. I rank Sonic as the by far worst Blast set for Blasters. Better on Defenders with their high secondary effect modifier becoming a formidable force multiplier on teams. So ridiculous in fact, that a pool power like Wall of Force is arguably significantly better for that proc (much larger AoE + slightly slower recharge). So ridiculous that just about every other AoE which can be similarly slotted are far superior (and some of them don't even have to waste KBtoKD slotting). Compare it to my Dark Blaster's Umbral Torrent which effectively has 2.5x the range (incl. +range from snipe) and 3x the damage all the while being cast in 1/2 of the time. AND debuff ToHit at the same time. Now that's truly ridiculous, making Shockwave sad in comparison.
  4. I already managed to do the binds the way I requested, removed the recharging sound, but still got spammed with "recharging..." text notifications, so it was not ideal. Will give yours a try and possibly add a third string to it for yet another short duration clicky. Your kind input is much appreciated, thanks! 🙂
  5. My /Energy Blaster has loads of click-powers with short duration and I was thinking of using a bind to restore sanity. I know I read somewhere about binding Power Boost and Boost Range to the movement keys ( I use arrow keys) so you will execute the power AND move as normal, but for the life of me I can't seem to find that page again. Save the life of my Blaster pretty please!
  6. Agreed on both the boost to damage and defenses. As for the inherent; I would like something that is useful both solo, but even more so on team so a Sentinel offers something beyond subpar DPS. The current inherent seem only slightly useful on AV/GM, and is pretty much wasted on anything less. I fancy Martial Manipulation's Reach for the Limit mechanic, akin to Defiance, the Blaster inherent that rewards active gameplay, by providing a random chance of triggering a short duration +ToHit/+DMG. I envision this for the Sentinel made into a party-wide (PBAoE 60 radius) bonus. However, when the team goes below a threshold health, the inherent becomes defensive in nature - providing the Sentinel/team (if it triggers) instead with a similarly party-wide (PBAoE 60 radius) short duration +Defense/+Resistance/+Regeneration/+Recovery buff and possibly also a taunt (centered on Sentinel) or placate. This would be thematic for an AT called Sentinel, as it would become someone watching over the team; a guardian, instead of a selfish AT that has pretty good survivability but not enough damage to really attract much aggro.
  7. The Blaster ATO you mention actually provides a stackable a mag 1 mez protection and oftentimes a single serving is enough to break mez. The intention behind it is good in theory, but in reality Blasters who can afford the proc, overwhelmingly build defenses which makes mez much less of an issue. In addition several of the new secondaries come with some form of mez protection/resist. So yeah, the proc is not so hot. 2 out of 9 ancillary armor sets (cold and mace) build for typed as opposed to positional defense. If both ATO defensive bonus was primarily ranged positional, it would be a nerf to the typed sets (that admittedly are much easier to soft cap and to do so without sacrificing as much damage as the positional builds). Blaster DPS is much to varied to be talked about in uniform terms. Way too varied in the world of IOs and secondaries who both can provide significant levels of survivability. There is Fire. Then there is the rest. Then there is Sonic. I don't think average Blaster primaries "out-DPS" any Scrapper and for sure not unless they pair up with an unsafe blapper secondary.
  8. As per title, I have noticed this happening a lot after use of said power lately. I have to change zones for the power to become usable again. While at it, another longstanding "travel bug" is when you enter the rail stations and the train is already on station with open doors - yet you can't click it for travelling. Pretty annoying too! Would love for that to go away after all these years 🙂
  9. Place Preventive Medicine absorb proc here. This apparently triggers even when placed in passive powers for a pretty substantial one time absorb (90 sec cooldown).
  10. I'm just theorizing from the numbers I've got as my controller is in his early teens yet due to a servere case of altohism on my part. Sleep powers has never been part of the meta, but that proc should be a saving grace. Let us know how it pans out. The procs in Jolting Chain however is less ideal than I imagined since only the first target is ST and the rest considered pseudo pets. Both the +Recharge and the +Heal procs are wasted on pets after the initial hit AFAIK.
  11. Easy to say when you don't suffer from altoholic withdrawal symptoms 😆
  12. I don't think slotting heals there is suitable for anything other than potentially reducing downtime slightly between spawns. I have made a similar build to what is outlined here, but made room to compensate for the lack of a self-heal in cold by 2 slotting Static Field with Call of the Sandman including the proc (2PPM). That's 35-40% chance of triggering a 5% self heal per enemy in a radius 20 every 15 sec or so. Turns a rather situational power into a hybrid heal. Also put the Entropic Chaos proc (3PPM) in Jolting Chain, which should give you an extra reason to spam this power.
  13. Saw an 6th level Electricity Controller who managed to drain Eochai at times, so have been thinking about trying out one myself. As for Joltin Chain, will procs hit beyond the first target?
  14. You're confusing disagreement with hostility. Gaussian's has indeed nice set bonuses, but not so much in a build-up power. You will have to consider what those extra slots force you to sacrifice. Like the 6th Numina's and +3.75% ranged defense for just one slot. Nerfing the damage of Freeze Ray is another big sacrifice; you could fit Apocalypse in there for more than double the damage and better recharge (better ranged defenses too if you consider the extra Numina in Hoarfrost). And that's just 2 potential slots of the 4 you save assuming you opt for a more standard Recharge IO+Gaussian proc. Slots could even be freed to make Flash Freeze into a bit of a multipurpose proc power: Positron, Javelin and Sandman, maybe even Annihilation. Now you have a makeshift heal and some occasional half-decent large AoE dmg/CC oh shit power. Situational, but less so than Hoarfrost while serving much the same need and more. Guess my core criticism of the build is that it's too cookie-cutter for my taste (and I'm saying this realizing Blasters have less creative IO freedom than any other AT due to the "need" to compensate for their glaring lack of survivability) in it's single-minded hunt for IO set bonuses; sacrificing unnecessarily much damage to be only fairly strong defensively. It's built like a blapper when it isn't one. This has of course stems from the desire for the thematic triple power sets and Ice Armor which is counter-intuitive to the ranged nature of both Ice Blast and Ice Manipulation.
  15. It will be higher than that I think, Mid's does not calculate the procs. But that wasn't my point, my point was that you use excessive slots to gain that recovery. Not staring yourself blind at IO set bonuses would allow you to free up slots in many places that can be put to even better use.
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