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How is electric melee without electric armor?


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Does the endurance drain matter on electric melee with or without electric armor?  I am going to be leveling, so I'm mostly concerned pre-50. 


is electric melee worth taking without electric armor?  I was thinking of pairing it with dark armor since it siphons endurance which would help dark a lot.

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1 hour ago, DougGraves said:

Does the endurance drain matter on electric melee with or without electric armor?

It's mediocre even with Electric Armor, and nearly worthless without. By the time an enemy is drained, they're probably about to die anyway. Worse, endurance drain is just not very good as a form of mitigation, because it requires a lot of setup, enemies don't have toggles to drop, and if they get one tick of recovery, they'll get to attack before you can drain it.


Electric Melee is a fine set though. Lightning Rod is an incredibly fun power.

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Pair it up with Shield.  It's an awesome combination on any melee character... I've played it on a Scrapper and Stalker.  On a Tanker I've played both sets individually but not as a combination.

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Guides: Invulnerability Tankers, The first 20 levels.  Invulnerability Tankers Soft Cap defense





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Endurance drain can matter, absolutely.  Not always, but it can.  Electric Melee is absolutely worth playing with or without Electric Armor IMO. 


My Ice/Elec is awsome.  Near full END drain (PBAoE) in two power executions, and as a tank I'm the first one in so the drain happens and helps.  Lightning Rod, Lightning Clap, and Thunderstrike are all knockdowny screen shaky fun.  Elec pairs naturally with Mu Mastery.  


END drain absolutely can matter.  Not all the time, but it's another tool that's nice to have.  I can go into a group with Lightning Rod (knocking everything down), do PBAoE Energy Absorption (75%+ END drained, my END filled, my DEF buffed), and then follow up with Eletrifying Fences (AoE immob and 20+% END drain) or Ball Lightning or Thunderstrike or Chain Induction, or Lightning Clap.  That's a lot of multi-target damage, END drain, Recovery debuff, and knockdown.  The poor minotaur at the end of the Alpha slot unlock quest chain only attacked me twice, he was just sitting waiting for even one endurance to come back.


Honestly, that was a character I leveled as an experiment.  If you've got an idea, go for it, it just might work out really well.  

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If you want to make a character for whom endurance draining is the main attraction, roll a double electric blaster or corruptor.  That said, electric melee is a fine choice for an AoE based tanker. 


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