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Can We PLEASE Change the Eye of the Storm Animation?


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I had only a little bit of time on Live with the new Staff set. I liked the new sets so I worked on leveling the character right up until I got the PBAoE power Eye of the Storm. The animation is beyond ridiculous. I have built characters on Pines that have skipped the power but it's the only PBAoE choice in the set.


The 'breakdance-like' portion of the animation (the last half to 1/3 of the animation time) is just plain dumb. Is there ANYTHING that can be done to change this please?

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YES. God yes. I was thinknig this the other day. The rest of Staff animations are awesome (maybe InnocStrikes is a lil too..broom.sweep like) but EoTS is just..break dancing crap. It does not fit the rest of teh set, and looks physically impossible. Even just something like a slash downward then a spin (like whirling sword etc) and a following slash up, to get teh timing about right, would be so much better.

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