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Sister Corruption

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Will be a while before I get the costume badges, because, LOL at the particles being 100Mil right now, but, for now, got everything else...

Also, what's next, Devs? Gonna give Voltor a badge? What about ME, huh?! =P Anyway...


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As for me, Voltor is my original hero from Live and Wild Kard is my original villain from Live.    They are both at 1591 which is the new total.


All 15 have maxed out the badges 5 times over now.    Think I'll stop.

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On 9/12/2022 at 3:06 AM, Voltor said:

 Think I'll stop.


Well first, congrats to the above for maxing up the badges again.


As for me, I brought my main 2 of 15 to 1596 on the first day of the event, then paused to consider my above quoted previous post.   I said I think I'll stop, and I thought about it.  For a time I was tempted to stop badging on all 15.  How long was I tempted? 0.86 seconds, which for me can be an eternity. (pop culture points to those that know where that dialog came from) Took all the reasons I was thinking about not badging any longer, reviewed 'em and threw them out with a vengeance.


So, that being said it's time once again..........



1596 active badges in the game*

15 Character Archetypes in the game

1 of each dedicated to getting all the badges.


All 15 once again STAND COMPLETE!!!

*Bug Hunter is a separate trophy, not part of the total.

















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