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What would You do?

Marine X

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Was trying again, unsuccessfully, to get a good Zombie group going, and got an invite to team. I figured someone saw my "building a Zombie Mob" text in LFG. I join team and it was a level 32 Player doing the Mender Lazarus Task Force who had already done the first mission but needed help. Not sure how he could invite me after he started it but OK, I'll help out.

We go to Oroborous and enter mission, we're doing well till he keeps wandering off, he finally finds Nosferatu and dies while I am taking Nos down from Fire from soldiers behind him. We move on to the recruit Burkholder mission and he runs off, finds and gets killed by Burkholder. I defeat Burkholder and give him an awaken and we exit. We enter the finale mission and he Stays pretty close by and after Hooking up with Nos and Burkholder we enter the final area with the main objectives: ( I'm exem to 32 by the way, and everything is purple or red, so he must have been at +4 ).


Take down the 5th Column

  • Defeat Requiem
  • Defeat Maestro
  • Defeat Vandal
  • 115 5th Column to Defeat


I start on the troops at one corner of the room and in groups Taunt them over and take them out. I notice he is still up on the overlook with Nos and Burk but continue on till the floor is cleared with no help from the player or the Pets. I look up and he has a quitting timer above his head. Not sure what to do, but all that was left was the bosses. I gather the pets and assault the EBs and then there is a spawn of support troops. Finally finish them all off and exit to mission. Will he get the Mission/TF rewards? I hope so. I waited and checked, he was offline or hidden.

He added me as a Global Friend at the beginning of the first mission so I'll be able to contact him eventually, but what do you do? He was either young, inexperienced, foreign ( I'm on Reunion ) and didn't understand the missions. Or was just using me to get the missions done? I have no problem with that but, geez at least hang around and help finish the mission.

I like helping out when I can but don't always get the best results. What would you do?

" When it's too tough for everyone else,

it's just right for me..."

( Unless it's Raining, or Cold, or Really Dirty

or there are Sappers, Man I hate those Guys...)

                                                      Marine X

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I was invited to do door mishes in  believe Talos or IP a few weeks back. We started with 7 and were doing +3 or 4. But we were having a real tough time of it. I was a earth/earth dom, and just trying to lock mobs down. The tank would run in as expected to, um...tank...but he'd face plant every couple of mobs. Which left the rest of us to take the aggro. The stalker I figured would probably be next in line to hold aggro, but when the tank went down and everyone else's health started to drop, he'd run out of the room leaving myself, the controller, sentinel and a PB to "handle" business. The tank would just lay there until of us rez'd him. A few times I passed him what greens I had to try and keep him alive, but I mostly had purples to keep my own Def at softcap. But without any aggro control, me effectively being the next in line to tank, the couple I had were disappearing quick.

Every time the party would wipe, another member would quit the team. No warning. No "I give up" or "I gotta go". Just a "So-and-so has left the team".

I'd tell "What happened to so and so?" No response from anyone. (Maybe they were on discord chat or on a team channel - But literally crickets). 

Another wipe. Another member quits the team. I make a snarky comment "So, is our tactic here to just run in to every mob and get killed?"

Still NO response. Eventually down to the stalker the tank and myself. As my usual tact, I'm literally following the tank mob to mob, expecting him to tank and me to control. But without rez's the tank just lays there doing nothing. I have no rez's to hand out. He's not saying ANYTHING. I bite my lip figuring eventually he'll just have to hospital it as this office building isn't going to clear itself....But nope. Tank (leader) and the stalker both quit the team without a word. And I'm like "WTF was that?!?!"

I don't think I teamed with anyone for a week after that experience.


Since you have the global ID, I would try to contact the guy and see what was going on. If you get a flippant answer I'd put them on my blocked list. believe it or not, there are inconsiderate jerks out there that don't give a rats butt. But like Security says, maybe there were technical difficulties. If the response is "I was trying to do laundry and I had to take out the trash and walk the dog. So I was busy, ok?" I'd make sure I burned their global name into my brain and never team with them again. Rule of thumb: Don't invite me to your mish and then leave me to do all the work while you go do chores or watch TV. I'll help share the load, but I'm nobody's pack mule. 

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