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New Beta Account Center


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Hello everyone!


Today we are releasing the Beta Account Center. This new part of our website will allow you to activate and manage your own Beta account (rather than waiting on us to sync the database), as well as copy characters over from the live servers. The Beta Account Center can be found here and through the navigation bar at the top of the site, under Account Center.


Specifically, this is what the new system will let you do:

  • Create a Beta account if you don't have one already.
    • This is done for you automagically when you visit the page for the first time!
  • Synchronize your account information to match your live account.
    • This does not include your characters, but does update your password.
    • You can do this once every 20 minutes.
    • You will not be able to access the Beta Account Center to copy characters while your account is being synchronized.
  • Queue to copy characters from any live shard to beta.
    • You can queue 1 character copy every 20 minutes (subject to change based on load).
    • You are able to copy over any character that is above level 1.
    • We highly recommend logging a character off before initiating a copy. - this will ensure that the copied character is up to date.
    • You can copy the same character over more than once, but only if that character is not already in queue.


So what's all this about a queue? Well, because of the load that we are anticipating before our stress test on Saturday, all character copies and synchronize requests are put into a queue. You will be able to see the characters that are queued up for copy on the homepage of the Beta Account Center though the estimated completion time will probably become somewhat inaccurate as the server load increases.


Please use this thread to provide feedback and report bugs for the Beta Account Center.


We look forward to any feedback that you all have on the new account system and hope to see you all at the stress test on Saturday.

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Homecoming Team


If you need help, please submit a support request here or use /petition in-game.


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