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Donations & Finances FAQ


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When do donations open?

The last Saturday of each month at around 13:00 Eastern (click to view in your timezone), but sometimes it'll open a little later.


How can I be notified that donations are open?

Generally post in the following locations when donations open:

  1. The Finances & Donations forum
  2. In-game via an admin announcement
  3. The official City of Heroes: Homecoming Discord


Can I sign up to be notified via email?

Yes, however there's no guarantee that the email will reach you before the donation round closes. To sign up for email notifications, simply click 'Follow' at the top of the Finances & Donations forum:




How can I donate?

We currently only accept donations via PayPal. Sorry.


What do I get if I donate?

Donations are purely voluntary and will not result in any benefits or rewards.


Anything else?

You need to be logged in to the forum in order to donate, and you will not be able to donate any money after we've reached the goal for that month - generally this means each donation window only stays open for a couple of hours at most.


I missed the donation round! Is there any other way I can contribute?

Yes, you can. Check out this thread for other ways you can support Homecoming.


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Got time to spare? Want to see Homecoming thrive? Consider volunteering as a Game Master!

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Thanks Jimmy. Maybe I'm being dense here but is there a way to link to the actual donation spot?



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