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Favorite macros / binds


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I just thought I'd start off with my favorite binds and see what everyone else has...


/bind lshift+esc "quittocharacterselect"

/bind q+esc "quit"

/bind ctrl+q "teamquitinternal"

/bind ctrl+a "ah$$windowtoggle salvage$$windowtoggle recipe"

/bind lshift+lbutton powexecname teleport
/bind lshift+rbutton "powexecname recall friend$$powexecname teleport foe"

(Tested the last one, it does not work. Looking for a workaround, but it may not be possible).

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ctrl+esc bind is a little buggy, sometimes it works, othertimes it just send you to desktop. In addition, doing lshift rshift, you end up with both of them sending you to quit...

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I don't think that last one will work, it'll try and queue up TP Foe every time since the game reads commands right-to-left, so if there are no enemies targeted and in range it'll give you an error and won't even try to execute Recall Friend.


That being said... every character I play has binds to toggle on/off travel powers (usually T, shift+T for a secondary travel power for those characters with SS and SJ). For characters with an Aim/Buildup/Power Boost-type power, that's bound to B (a secondary one is on V for those characters with both). I've got a G600 gaming mouse with a dozen extra side buttons and the first several of those get used on characters with location-based powers (Rain of Fire, Carrion Creepers, Sleet, etc) to make it easy to drop those powers on my target with one click.

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/bind ` "powexectoggleon Combat Jumping$$powexectoggleon Super Jump"

That's my favorite bind (or with Hover + Fly). With neither power on, tap ` (the key next to 1 on QWERTY layout) and Super Jump turns on. Tap it again, and it swaps to Combat Jumping. Tap again, and it'll switch back to Super Jump.


` is my go-to key for travel powers in general, since it's close to WASD without being too close (closer keys are reserved for abilities I'll want to use regularly in combat)

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Every character I enjoy well enough to develop gets the numpad (/bind numpad1 etc.) filled with banter binds.  These are like your battle cry, only I almost always set them to local, so they will be readable if anyone's interested, but won't beep into team chat.  The variable $target figures in most of them.  E.g.


/bind numpad1 l The power of Cheese compels you, $target!


/bind numpad2 l Adorno says that a $target is an agent of the hegemony of the patriarchal phallus!


/bind numpad3 l Don't like $target.  Not shiny enough.


/bind numpad4 l This $target will need to be handled with my usual subtlety and finesse!


And so forth.  I don't consider a character fully developed until she or he has a reasonable repertoire of these.  These actually serve purposes in gameplay.  They let your teammates know that a named mob is present and that I have it targeted.  Worth doing if you're the tank.  I use them to call out AVs and other significant mobs, and also for things teammates might want to be aware of, like Quantums.  They also add light roleplay into actual playing the game and running missions. 



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One I just learned last night (credit to Twisted Visage) is /monitorattribute influence


All my toons have their influence showing right under the target box so I added this slash command to my load key for bindfile, windows, chat and options so basically I make a new toon and hit one button and everything is where I like it.

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/macroimage FortunataTeamwork_TacticalTrainingVengeance venge "powexec_name vengeance$$targetcustomnext defeated friend notmypet"


big thanks to @Bopper for the help with figuring out the problem with this one. Should now work for either teammate or leaguemate. The problem wasn't the macro itself but that the defeated ally has to be in your camera view. So this is only partially what I want but there doesn't seem to be any way to target a defeated teammate out of your view other than clicking in team window. If they're not in view it'll just ignore the defeated bit and target a friend who is in view.

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I bind numpad1 through numpad 8 to teamselect <x>, making it easy to target teammates without having to find my mouse cursor; unless I'm using it for something else, numpad0 is usually the Destiny power(s) that I have - just put all of them in there, whichever one is slotted fires because the others aren't available. If I'm using it for something else (Mind Link, Farsight, Speed Boost, etc) I use decimal for the Destiny powers instead.


Subtract is usually /powexecname Mystic Fortune.


Another useful bind is /powexeclocation self Team Transporter (used with or without a comment).


On 2/16/2020 at 12:56 AM, Zepp said:

/bind lshift+rbutton "powexecname recall friend$$powexecname teleport foe"

This will only work if you don't take them both on the same character. If you do, it will try to execute teleport foe each time. It's a decent "general use" bind to have loaded as a default if you only ever take one or the other, though.

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