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Suggestion: More P2W Vendors

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I don't really know about other servers, but on Excelsior(!), the P2W rep in Atlas Park is surrounded by a near-constant mob of people, to the point that it's sometimes a pain to maneuver over to her and/or click her instead of another player.


This is only going to get worse the more things she starts selling. Besides that, since the XP/Inf adjustments she sells are going to be timed, it's going to be a pain for higher-level characters who want to take advantage of them to constantly travel back to Atlas (increasing load in that zone and forcing even more instances of it to be created), then return to whichever zone they're currently doing missions in.


Adding a few more vendors in other zones -- I'm thinking one near Blue Steel in King's Row, another at Blyde Square in Steel Canyon, maybe someone near the train station (or outside Wentworth's) in Talos, and at Portal Court on Peregrine Island on blueside, and around the arena in Port Oakes and outside (or inside!) the casino in St Martial on red -- would spread the load around, keep the line for any given vendor shorter, and not force people into unnecessary travel.

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So you want more people to go to the AE building hehehe. I suggest WW/BM - since they are being "purchased."


I could see it being thematically appropriate to station Pay2Win vendors in all AE installations. If they could be made available as a base option that would also solve most such issues.

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There is one in Firebase Zulu (of all places). I'm not sure if there are others in other zones.

The flight pack vendors bugged, so they replaced them with P2W agents which also sell flight packs (and you can buy multiple hours of run time). Considering they sell the prestige teleport powers as well, this was probably a good idea.


Good places for addition P2W vendors would be Talos Island near the tram/WW and Cap Au Diable near the north ferry/black market. These are important hub areas with plenty of room for 1 extra vendor.

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Not that I think thisis an issue... but give access from any WW.... just make everything available in WW under P2W. Then the P2W can be accessed at any WW/Black Market - "problem" solved.


I like this.... but then you'd also be able to access them anywhere you can do /AH. So, let's make THIS happen instead of more contacts to locate.

I'm out.
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