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Inf generation


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Hey all,

I have been trying to build INF for my characters, I never seem to be able to get over the 100mil mark on any of them before I need to start using it for set IOs etc.. 


Any advice you can give me so I have a pool of resources for my characters?   Couple of things:  I suck at farming ( my builds are not strong enough), and I REALLY suck at the market.


case in point, my current main is a SJ/WP scrapper.  I have burned through 900 merits and have 400 remaining.  I currently have less than 25 mil, and I haven't even started on the attack powers yet.

My FFF blaster is even worse, I do have a A/TA blaster that is a little better off most of her powers are slotted with sets, and she has 45m right now (be less than 100 merits.


Any advice would be appreciated.





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There are a few guides on converting on this forum as well as the guides forum that should get you going.  Two specific pieces of advice:


1.  Think ahead when buying yellow recipes.  It may be impossible to buy 10 lvl 31 Enfeebled Operations right now, but if you put in a good bid for a block of 10 (10-50k), you will probably fill that within a day.  I often bid on 10 recipes for each individual IO in the set, and end up with 60 recipes the next day.  That's a good amount to work with.  You don't need to buy your salvage ahead of time, at least not how things are right now, but you can if you want.


2.  Think ahead when buying IOs for your alts.  Let's say you anticipate buying three pieces of LotG.  Instead of going out and buying each one when you need it, put in a lowball bid a day or two before you think you'll need it.  Even better, put in a bid for 10x each one, then sell the remainder at market prices and you paid for your IO with your profits. 


Basically, think ahead.


Happy hunting!

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Use the 400 merits to buy CONVERTORS sell those on the black market/auction house, or use them to convert cheap enhancements to the ones you want.


I think this is correct (math):

  • 10 merits gets 30 convertors.
  • 100 merits gets 300 convertors.
  • 300 convertors are worth 300 x 70,000= 21,000,000


More efficient could be to buy cheap enhancements and use the convertors to get what you want.

Example: Need a Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control?




Convert menu on enhancement tray.


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Ever since I learned how to do enhancement conversion I have had a much easier time funding alts.  I took a few months off from converting and ended up going almost broke paying for my alts builds. 

In the last two weeks I took all of my merits and turned them into several thousand converters.  I then converted several hundred uncommon recipes into various high demand IOs. I made about 1.5 billion in those two weeks. 

Now I’m burnt out on converting and will probably take another break from doing that until I go broke again. 

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Before, on live, I was never successful on market.   Finally on homecoming, I found a niche, took some time to maximize that niche, and made billions.

Then I spent it on 'estimated future builds' for my tanks.   I know have, amongst all my 50s and market toon, about 60M influence, lots of purples, ATO's. rares, etc.


Part of me is torn between, selling for profit, and the other part of me is torn between 'it was cheap when I bought it, and I'll probably use it in the future'.

Key emphasis on 'probably' ...



Only 5 50s at the moment, and speculated bought low on what I might use ... and now I'm broke (kinda).   


Be careful when you do make your influence, it can go quick on speculation builds!


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I ended up getting sick of converting after doing it for a few weeks so now I'm just messing around with Super Packs. So far I've done two rounds of buying 100 packs. Once with Heroes and Villians and once with Rogues & Vigilantes. 


I easily made my money back + ~150 million or so profit with the first set. The second set it looked like I was on track to losing money because I gave 9 ATOs to my scrapper but then I realized last night that I had forgotten to post up about 1200 converters from the reward merits. Right now it looks like I'll make a fairly OK profit and the upside to doing it this way is you don't have to scrape for uncommons on the AH and it takes very little maintenance.


All you gotta do is buy 100 packs, open them, grab the goods out of your email, and post them. It's a lot of clicking but so far I'm 2/2 for turning a good profit, and I get to keep the ATOs I like. 


Every time I make a build I'm gonna do it purely from Super Pack flipping. Converting was kind of like the gateway to getting to this point for me. 

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I make my influence farming and converter crafting. It's pretty easy both ways. If I really like want to immediately fund an alt I'll go craft 80 ios, convert and list them, then jump on a farmer and farm for a while. Mixing the two lets me make influence pretty damn quickly when I need to. I currently have probably like 1.5-2 billion scattered across my characters. My market alt usually tries to have a billion around in case I find a build I want to throw together or something. I'm pretty wasteful with converters, I spend about 400 converters per 80 enhancements listed. But I also like will throw up 6-8 LOTG IOs because I convert defense ios that aren't worth anything until I get LOTG even if I waste 20 converters doing it. I get my converters from my massive stack of unused reward merits so at this point I could be alot more wasteful as I have more merits every week than I did the week before no matter how much converting I can stand doing. 

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