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Spines as an armor set?


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As an example we already have Electric, Fire, Ice, Energy, and Stone powers as Armor, Melee, and Ranged attacks. We have Spines as Melee and Ranged, could there be a possibility to make it an Armor option for Sentinels, Scraps, Brutes and Tanks?

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You can make any theme work for an armor set, provided you can come up with enough powers with good enough flavor text to justify the effects. Personally I can't really see how a Spines armor set would cover any ground that isn't already covered by Bio Armor or Spines itself, thematically.

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Spines armor set would cover any ground

Caltrops, kinda like a burn patch

Spine covered body, don't want to hug

Spines deflect a swing in a random direction



Something completely different, a set that would excel at point blank range like Fire Armor when critters get into melee range but be completely defenseless to ranged and AoE attacks.

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If you could come up with a mechanic/unique niche not covered by another armor sets' utility and give it some custom options that can vary it's look so it's not merely "spines/thorns/spikes" somehow, I could see practically anything becoming an armor set.  Doesn't see anymore farfetched than some proposals for psi-armor that functions near identically to another set while also being conceptually covered by sets like willpower, SR or even Ice Armor.

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Make Spine Armor similar to Fiery Aura but instead of resistances, make it more defense-based (with a high resistance to toxic damage).


Drop Blazing Aura and replace it with the toggle effect Icicles from Ice Armor.


Replace Healing Flames and with Dull Pain.


Drop Burn and replace with a PBAoE lethal damage attack with lower the damage but includes a slowing debuff effect to affected targets.


Replace Fiery Embrace with a similar effect that adds a long duration boost to your spines attacks (if you have them) and a short duration boost to all other attacks.


Replace Rise of the Phoenix with a similar effect that deals lethal & toxic damage to all targets in range as you get back up to fight some more.

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