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Need assistance on updating Mids


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8 hours ago, Nafsmar said:

For some reason I can not seem to update the mids using Boppers links. Can someone please assist me as I enjoy creating builds in Mids then go in game and create the character. I want to utilize the changes that I27 brought.

We released Mids 3.0 yesterday. I recommend re-installing to the new version. The I27 updates are in there. HOWEVER, there are some known bugs in the new version, so be patient with us as we work on those.

PPM Information Guide               Survivability Tool                  Interface DoT Procs Guide

Time Manipulation Guide             Bopper Builds                      +HP/+Regen Proc Cheat Sheet

Super Pack Drop Percentages       Recharge Guide                   Base Empowerment: Temp Powers

Bopper's Tools & Formulas                         Mids' Reborn                       

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