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Characters transfert from CoH to CoH Homecoming

Icy Chiller

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Hello to all !


Just see last night that CoH/CoV are online again  since 2019, what a wonderful news !!!


And, I wonder if it is possible to transfert old characters from CoH/CoV to the Homecoming cause I've got a few lvl 50... And also have a big base at the time...


Thank you in advance !

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To quote David Tennant's Doctor, "I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry."


All the accounts, characters, supergroups, bases, etc., from Live are long gone.


It is relatively easy to rebuild.  There's a P2W Vendor in each starter zone and Pocket D who sells all the veteran powers from Live.  There's no Prestige, so base-building is free.  And the Community is still pretty supportive.

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Yikes, I've spend so much time in it... And the base was so full of stuff...


I still have the original game on an other computer in Windows XP, that's why I hoped that a transfert was possible...


Thank you for the answer 🙂


And, again, i'm so happy that CoH/CoV have reborn you have no ideal !!!


Thanks again gang !





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On 2/25/2021 at 12:13 PM, Icy Chiller said:

I still have the original game on an other computer in Windows XP, that's why I hoped that a transfert was possible...

Unfortunately, your character data is saved on the server, not the client -- "never trust the client" is almost a mantra of game design; the moment you put any long-term record for a game character on the client computer, someone will hack it to give themselves godmode. The only way that it could be done would be if you had a Sentinel+ archive for the character, and even then it would have to be loaded on the server directly. The HC devs decided from the start not to go that route, because of the opportunity to hack the Sentinel+ files, and instead had everyone start from scratch on a level playing field, which I believe to have been a much better decision.

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On 2/25/2021 at 3:13 PM, Icy Chiller said:

I still have the original game on an other computer

You may be able to at least view your Character List, and if you have any saved costume files, reload them in the Character Creator.


Saving and Loading

Issue 13 released a Save and Load option in the costume edit screen, both at character creation and at the tailor. These options allow players to save a character's costume into a Costume File and load it onto another character of the same body type.

  • Only costume options that are editable in the tailor screen can be loaded. Height changes and model changes are not allowed.
  • The "load" option is unavailable when:
    1. Trying to load an off-model costume like male pieces to a female model.
    2. Trying to load a costume file that has illegal costume pieces, such as Statesman's unique faceplate, or typos.

You would just need to do a little exploration on your old PC, then copy the files if they exist to your saved costumes folder on Homecoming. Has been a while since I've had a PC with the original game installed,so not much help there, my last one died about 2 years ago, but I was able to document the Character names before it did.

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For files that you may have, check this out as well:



For Installing: Checkout the links in my Sig

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Yes, if you have your old computer, then you will have a list of your characters and any costumes you saved.


Back in 2012 it was also possible to save characters with Sentinel Plus, but if you never did that, then you're out of luck.

If you had high level characters back then, you might also have old Mid's Hero Designer files saved, I had a few of those as well. These can be used in Mid's Reborn.


You will need to start any character back at level 1 no matter what.


But all the VIP powers and bases are now free, so you can get up to speed faster.

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