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Any Protector Server people?


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Burly! Its Velhes.

I couldn't for the life of me remember what server I played on before i jumped to Virtue, or anyone's names, but it was apparently Protector because I remember the hell out of that team. Good times.



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I played on Protector for a long time (I started with the beta and played until last day with occasional breaks in between).


My main was "Cerulean Caver", an NRG/NRG blaster who wound up being Incarnate by the end.

Alts included Ceiling Burner - a fire tanker, Darkest Echo - a controller and Scuti - a shield scrapper.


Redside, my main was "Doctor Boo" -  a MM bots/poison guy. Also there was 'Evil Pixie', a invulnerable / SS brute.


I mostly played with a couple friends and we kept to ourselves. Caver was a bit more outgoing when he became incarnate, if only because the incarnate group was smaller.


So, is there a server that Protector players are congregating towards?

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Hi all from old Pro!  I had many alts on my primary server but my main alts were Battle-Hymn, Intervention Divine and Stormcraft.  Good times back then and I am eager to get back to playing a great game with you fine people!

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Yep, we started playing on protector shortly after launch and stayed there the entire game pretty much. Met a bunch of friends that I still hang and game with today.


Bunch of toons, but probably my most played were Darth Tater (Earth/Kin troller) and -Thunder (SS/Elec brute). My wife played a bunch too as Super Librarian, and Grazz't (who made it to the COV comic cover via contest).

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Yeah. I was Hephaestus. Fire/Fire/Fire Blaster and member of the Super Group GodHand.

On the Villian side I was The Opportunist. Energy Aura/SS/MU Brute and member of the villain group Obsidian Syndicate.

Good times... good times.

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