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Any Protector Server people?


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I'm loving that I can load my old costumes, and power customization.  Most of my character names are not taken either.  The server seems to have a hellish load, but its stable. Being able to have my level 50+ costumes available at level one is big plus.  I see some Jello Shooter, and some RSF Regulars, so I am hopeful that we can get some SF/TF coordination going on.

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Hello hello!

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ArcID #125 Bloody Rainbow: Comic Con Fire Farm;  ArcID #2551 Comic Con Fire Farm: Cave Edition

ArcID #133 Comic Con S&L Farm;  ArcID #9911 Comic Con S&L Outdoor Edition

ArcID #2915 $Comic Con Fire Farm$ArcID #11612 $Comic Con Fire Farm Outdoor Map$

ArcID #16607 $Comic Con S&L Caves$ArcID #16610 $Comic Con S&L Outdoor$
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Yo! I had 16 lvl 50s on Protector (13 blue/3 red). Haven't re-rolled any of them yet - waiting for clarity on whether there's another server wipe coming.

Uunderdog - Rad/Rad Scrapper | Uundertaker - Rad/Dark Corruptor | Uun - MA/Inv Scrapper | Uunison - Grav/Storm Controller | Uuncola - Ice/Temp Blaster | Uundergrowth - Plant/Martial Dominator | Uunstable - SR/Staff Tank

Uunreal - Fire/Time Corruptor | Uunrest - Dark/TA Blaster | Uunseen - Ill/Poison Controller | Uuncool - Cold/Beam Defender | Uunderground - Earth/Earth Dominator | Uunknown - Mind/Psi Dominator | Uunplugged - Stone/Elec Brute

Uunfair - Archery/TA Corruptor | Uunsung - DP/Ninja Blaster | Uunflammable - Fire/Nature Controller | Uunflappable - WM/WP Brute | Uundead - Dark/Dark Tank | Uunfit - Water/Martial Blaster  | Uunwrapped - Dark/Dark Dominator

Uunchill - Ice/Kinetics Corruptor | Uunpleasant - En/En Stalker | Uunbrella - Rad/Rad Sentinel | Uunsafari - Beasts/Traps MM | Uungnome - Nature/Seismic Defender | Uunsavory - Poson/Sonic Defender | Uunicycle - BS/Shield Scrapper

Uuntouchable - Ill/Time Controller | Uunferno - Fire/Fire Tank | Uunthinkable - Psi/SR Scrapper | Uuncivil - Thugs/Elec MM | Uunnatural - Ice/Savage Dominator | Uunshockable - Elec/Bio Sentinel | Uunfathomable - Elec/Dark Controller

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I had way too many L50 alts to tell who all I had on Protector - but Angelyco, Stellite, Rhapsodi, Daydreams, Lyrah... I stayed on Protector until the last few months of the game when the server population just got so low and moved to Freedom most of the time :(

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Uh Tet0r/Left Eye/Rotator Cuff/Oculus Sinistri

  • Bernie Cinders - farm brute
  • Gojira - farm brute
  • Dntel - Ill/emp controller
  • Boysetsfire - Fire/time corruptor
  • Volbeat - fire/kin corruptor
  • Quick Ben - fire/psi dominator
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