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Commentary: Rune of Protection Changes


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There's obvious a lot of desire to comment on this change.  Please do so within the bounds of Forum Rules and proper civil discussion.


If it's more than just commentary and there was actual testing you're reporting, please also post the testing in the appropriate Focus Feedback topic.


On 3/20/2021 at 3:54 PM, GM Arcanum said:

Patch Notes for March 28th, 2021 - Issue 27: Second Chances, Page 2 (Build 3)


Powers Changes


  • sorcerypool_runeofprotection.png.d31667d01d7dbf6687a2cf3a42e73644.png Sorcery > Rune of Protection
    • Duration reduced from 90s to 60s
    • This power now grants damage resistance even if you use it whilst mezzed (previously only the mez resistance component would be granted)

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I like the change making resistance being present when used under Mez.  I do not like the reduction in duration.  It's nerfing a major Mez mitigation tool without other changes to Mez to make it less of a mess (which it definitely is right now and has been since City of Heroes' launch).  It's also doing a change to an Origin Pool power, where Origin Pools are mostly down with the Presence Pool in being marginal and more for a specialist or experimental build.  It's also reducing good build diversity when changes should ideally improve that.



33 minutes ago, Monos King said:

Well it's a lot closer to useless in PvP after the duration reduction so not at all a fan.


Thanks for the PvP perspective.  I feel that problems in PvP matter for PvE as well, as it's a strong indicator that there's an issue with the power.

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It's a good PVP change. It makes melee (regen brutes especially) slightly easier to kill.


I'll likely still keep it one my main regen build, though. It's still a good power in the context of PVP. Even with the reduced duration.


PVE? no idea.

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Personally I absolutely loathe long recharge short duration situational powers. I don't use them in tricky situations in case I hit a really really tricky situation where I'd need it but it's on recharge. So I find workarounds for the tricky situations, and then when those really really tricky situations do arise I don't even think about those powers, as I'm used to the workarounds instead.


That is where RoP is heading with the reduced duration for me, at best it'll probably end up as being nothing more than a mule for res IOs on alts I can't squeeze both a travel power and the fighting pool into, at worst the entire pool gets skipped completely by the vast majority of my alts.

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Bopper: "resistance resists resistible resistance debuffs"

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