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SG Questions...


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   Greetings Homecoming.😁

   I am writing this post to ask a few things about SG's. As i have mentioned before, I was a old player from live who was part of a SG called the Conglomerate. It was a great SG with a great buch of players in it, and they helped me out a ton when I first began playing and were super cool and friendly; always willing to team up together to take on those pesky Skulls (😛).
      However things have obviously changed a lot in game since NCSoft shut down the game, not the least of which is SG's; at least on Homecoming (which is cool). So i have a few questions about SG's in general and specifically...


   1) Since on Homecoming SG's are essentually free now (no prestige required or power stations for most things), are serious SG's (not individual personal ones) in general now more or less important or desired because of it? Or is there some other reson? Such as having access to the Cosmic Teleporter for example.
   2) I now play on Excelsior (yay home lol) as it is far busier, populated, and as such easier to find things to do with people if you want (plus it feels more like live did too because of it too). As such, are there many SG's active on the server, and serious in being one (ie: teaming together, helping new SG members, willing to do SG costume contests, etc)?
   3) One of the things I enjoyed a lot during live when I was a member of the Conglomerate was doing Base Raids with them. While I am not into PvP generally speaking, especially nowdays, I loved Raids as that was lots of fun and felt very "comic bookish" (ala Avengers Mansion being raided in the comics way back when). So do SG's still do Base Raids, and if so with whom and how often?
   4) When I was playing on live, I only joined one SG; the Conglomerate like i've said. However a friend pointed out that some people might join multiple ones with differant alts for variety sake. So does this happen now? And if so, how many SG's have any of you all joined, and why? When I join a SG, I tend to focus on only that one, but some might be more apt to multitask SG wise.
   5) Like I said, I am on Excelsior now, and am officially looking for a good serious respectible SG to join now. 🙂 So which ones are, lets say, the top 3 or 5 SG's on the server generally speaking if I may ask?
   Since playing on Excelsior I have been offered to join a couple of them (the most recent being one that a Cyber-specter invited me to and another who's "theme" was female angels... Thanks again for the invite btw:)), but since being so new to the server, I like to do my homework first before commiting to any one SG, ya know?
   So would anyone have or know of a great SG for a serious yet casual player such as myself to join? i have heard of the Legion & Heroes Reborn, but are they good? While I do like to solo sometimes, I also enjoy teaming up with SG mates too (so long as their cool lol).
   I am a big team player who understands tactics, likes doing missions (not nessarily farms as i like content not necessarily power lvling), and don't mind sidekicking people. And as a person in his 50's, I am respectful, relaxed, non political, and not a asshat who does Leroy Jenkins like stuff lol. And I got your back jack too! 😛


   Anywho, thank you for your time and if ya see me playing, hit me up with a tell (not just a blind invite please) or hit me up here on the forums. My global name is @BjorJlen, just like on the forums here. Thanks in advance for your replies and help, and as always... Peace.


   P.S: I hope it was ok to post this here as it has a lot of general SG questions in it, and many players might not see it as not everyone who plays on the server reads that section. Thanks... 🙂

   Please come and join us on Friday at 2pm Central Time for our Friday Fashion Costume Contest (see the link below). We all hope to see you, yes YOU, there... And if you also wish to join our happy group, the Celestial Warriors SG, please feel free to join our Discord (see link below), and/or contact GL herself (Global is @Laucianna), or any of us if we are on in fact... 🙂

Friday Fashion Costume Contest On Excelsior (2pm Central Time)...

The Celestial Warriors Discord Channel...


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Because you asked:

The original post is now buried on page 3 of the Excelsior forums but we still actively look for new/returning players to join our ranks.  All the info is on our discord channel so have a look.


As for the other questions:

1.) Some still like to have a particular name above theirs for groups but a lot of players have personal SGs because they can then make a personal base to house all their stuff.  Just a preference really.

2.) The LEGION and Sisterhood are the two that I personally deal with all the time with LEGION being the main.  I've seen a few others floating around but they don't usually post much in terms of recruiting at least here on the forums.

3.) No

4.) Up to you.  The LEGION has several members that also have their own SGs and also have a few alts in other SGs.  We don't require to you always play within the SG itself though we do encourage our members to include their SG mates whenever they are planning to run a TF or missions.

5.) No idea on rankings but I suggest mine.


Anyway, welcome home!

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1. SGs are social constructs. SGs are RP hubs. SGs are utility centers. There are several points where an SG may be more desirable than just a "personal base."

2. Better to ask in Excelsior's forum, down a ways.

3. Base raids were killed on live. No plans announced to bring them back. (Especially with all the things that can be done with bases now.)

4. I'm an RPer. I've got multiple SGs I'm in because of it, as well as my "Catchall" for alts. And I have a lot of alts.

5. Depends on what you mean by "top SG." Does the most raiding? Biggest base? Longest name? Most involved with RP? Farms everyone? Live rated them (as I recall) by Prestige earned, which really didn't mean the SG was any *good,* just that it had people farming prestige. Be specific with what you're looking for, then ask around (again) in your server's forum. Or team a lot, see who you like teaming with, see if their SG has a spot open.

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I can't answer which ones are "most popular" or not. As a fellow Excelsior player I can tell you Cosmic Council is seen a lot, mostly doing costume contests and their weekly "Really Hard Way" challenge runs on Saturday nights.

As for the purpose of SG's, I can say they aren't a necessity like they are in other games, nor are they as needed as they were on live. However, there are still uses, and there are still some "serious" supergroups that you can join. For example, my supergroup does "The Bus of Random Content" every week or so, where we roll the dice, pick a Task Force at complete random, and try to complete it in the fastest time. SG's with active members can also take advantage of group storage for salvage, enhancements, and the like.


At the end it really comes down to personal preference, and finding a supergroup that meshes with what you want. There's still plenty of supergroups for all kinds of things like Greycat mentioned: roleplaying, task forces, trials, costume contests, etc... They aren't necessary to enjoy the game, but they can still be very fun and handy depending on what you're looking for. Ask around the Excelsior forums, tell them what you're looking for, and see what turns up!

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Following a recent chat I had with Faultline (on other stuff), it was revealed tangentially that base raids are probably not ever coming back because of the nature of current SGs/Bases. HC's SG/bases allows Hero/Villain/Rogue/Vig/Loyalist/Resistance members to both be part of the same SG(VG or whatever a Gold version is called) and be in a base at the same time.  But while on the same SG a hero and villain cannot team up in there - so no doing ouro missions together via the crystal, off to Ouroborous itself for that.  Allowing them to team would involve a rewrite it seems of the old base raid code, which was janky as hell to start with, and could rewire base items as targets for members of the SG, never mind an actual base raid.  I think I'm remembering all that correctly, it's late and I haven't slept.

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i have traditionally been a redsider loner who will PUG any TF.  about 5-6 weeks ago I sought out an active SG.  They have a solid structure.  I had to get Discord set up, refrain from causing excessive damage to base equipment. not drool on myself (in public)  


It was a good decision.  I am (surprisingly) enjoying the camaraderie on Discord.  The SG has a daily (and sometimes 2xday) event planned.  They are active.  They do hard stuff. They get badges.  They are fun to be around.


My first step was going to the Excelsior forums to look for a likely SG.  Then I just broadcast on Help looking for someone from the SG.  I got an immediate tell.  I think I had pugged with quite a few of the SG mates in the past.  Again, I will PUG anything and had been on my main for months.  So I think i was a "known quantity" to them.  


I do recommend joining an active SG with a character you plan to play.  A LOT.  I am on my main 90%+ time I am in game.  I tend to respond to any request in Help for "can someone help me complete X, fight AV, find glowie?"  I treat SG and Coalition Team recruiting with same priority.  If you want to be part of a group, jump in with both feet.


Good luck in your search and have a great time in the City that is back from the dead!  (I do love a story about the undead....)

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