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When will Evasive Maneuvers get added to Mids Reborn?

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I think the thing that should be taken into consideration is that like HC, Mids is also an unpaid volunteer service and as such let's give everyone involved some leeway.


We have no idea the stuff involved, the numbers, programming, rl responsibilities, etc, etc, etc.

I would love for it to be done NOW but, I realize that there might be other things that are taking precedence in their lives that are forgoing a quick turnaround. 


This isn't a post about getting on anyone for the op's question, just lets remember we are expecting something from someone who is devoting their time for free for us.


Unfortunately we don't know at this time is the best answer we can get right now.


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From my understanding, it's already updated internally. However Metalios has been extremely busy with real life and he has not been able to get it ready for release. So hopefully soon, but no ETA as to when.

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