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Have at it. The wiki is not an official publication; it's a user-maintained record of useful information.


Unfortunately, as noted to wide disapprobation in some recent threads, the user base hasn't been much interested in updating it since HC. Most updates seem to consist of cutting and pasting frustratingly incomplete info from patch notes etc. into the entries.



(And, just an aside from a very, very experienced documentation writer, I wish wikis would separate the useful information from meticulous histories of exactly what patch changed what feature of something. The history of, say, Kinetic Melee is fascinating and all, but it's a PITA to have to page through a long entry to find that X power was buffed or nerfed in August, 2019. Far too many long, long entries put the useful points, such as current hit values, command arguments and accolade parameters, in yards of "and then the Devs changed" narrative.)


Calling, as always, for an organized effort to update the reference. Man, there's a lot of *crickets* here...


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UPDATED: v4.15 Technical Guide (post 27p7)... 154 pages of comprehensive and validated info on on the nuts and bolts!
ALSO:  GABS Bindfile  ·  WindowScaler  ·  Teleport Guide  ·  and City of Zeroes  all at  www.Shenanigunner.com

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7 hours ago, USCI said:

Any chance we can get a listing on each of the enhancement pages that states if that enhancement could be combined with an Enhancement Booster?

Given that there are roughly 1,200 enhancement pages (I know because I updated them all), the best approach would probably be to modify or create a template that contains the relevant information. I'll take a look at it when I get some time and see if I can come up with something logical and flexible enough to apply to all circumstances. Or, if someone else decides they want to look into this, please let me know. I'm quite familiar with these pages and would be happy to help come up with a plan and/or brainstorm ideas.

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I *host* the wiki, TYVM, so I far from hate it. PWiki was an amazing resource for the game back when it was live, and I'm absolutely humbled by the support that HCWiki has gotten since I started the project, and will ALWAYS be thankful for the base of PWiki as its starting point, and our awesome contributors that help make the new wiki what it is every day.  But EVERY time I've seen you comment on the wiki it is to attack it as "out of date" or "out right wrong", entirely discounting the fact that it is CONSTANTLY being updated by the small handful of people who do so.  No one is paid to update it, no one is paid to maintain it, no one is paid to keep it running.   If you actually have any REAL interest in fixing the wiki join the club 

 Start some discussions, and do something about it.  Complaining that something is wrong doesn't get anything fixed.  Saying that you don't have time to fix everything is hilarious because you are implying that everyone else DOES have time to fix what YOU think should take priority.  If you think formatting, or order on a page should be different than it currently is, then start a topic in the club, see what others think.


Also, She.

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