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Global Channel Listing

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So, some Global Channels have already started to form.  Should we create a nice localized list of them here in the forum, and sticky it?


The channels which I'll note:



-for out of character messages, related to the following RP channel



-for in-character roleplay



-the global channel for LGBT+ Queer and Allies

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Homecoming - For general chat. Better than the Help channel.


Paragon Chat - Also for general chat. Seems to be focused on the community for the actual Paragon Chat app.


O.M.G. the chatter in Help is too much. I want to turn it off, but I'll see something worth replying to (as soon as I remember HOW) on occasion.

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It's been so long... Does anyone know if there's a screen to view all existing global chat channels, or is it entirely by word of mouth?

Pretty sure that, on the old forums, there was a stickied post that acted as a global chat channel directory. That was as comprehensive as it got.


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