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High reward Fire Farms?


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Hi, so after a lot of years and self levelling (but with a lot of build help) I am the proud owner of a high end fire farmer.

It is such a treat to have some proper inf and the ability to get my other AT alts levelled and filled with lovely set IO’s.

Never been in a position to do that before.


So I would like to maximise my rewards whilst doing so and wondered if some farms give more xp/inf per foe defeat than others.


I am running at 4/8 and not even breaking into a trot atm.


Could anybody point me to some arc numbers I could try out and compare earnings to.


Am using 17655 Cult’s Fire Farm atm, the very large outside map with the island bit at the top.


Have no particular preferences as I do roll the changes.


Thanks guys.


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18553 - Twisted Visage Fire Farm

Description: Classic Asteroid map with clever objective placement. Upon entry, click the glowie to complete the mission- this then spawns the destructible objects (which are subsequently destroyed by enemies to spawn larger ambushes). The hostages in the center of the map draw aggro in to a centralized location ensuring maximum AoE carnage. If you enjoy laid back fire farms, this is an easy one to afk on. Recommend running at +4/8, AVs on, with +45% fire def and 90% fire resists (the Elite Bosses sometimes hit hard).


Edit: Further context - I regularly clear the map in approximately 7 minutes and pull in approximately 8.5 million inf (plus recipe and salvage drops). That equates to around 75 million inf or so per hour (plus recipe and salvage drops). This would obviously drop if afk farming on the map, where it is usually cleared in 20-25 minutes for the same inf.


Edit 2: Additional even more context -


Solo runs - (+4/8, AVs on)

Minions        8,544 xp        5,979 inf

Lieuts          17,088 xp     20,504 inf

Bosses        51,265 xp     64,081 inf

Elite Boss  102,531 xp  128,164 inf


Radiation Melee/Fire Armor Brute (Build 1, Fire Farm Focus)




Radiation Melee/Fire Armor Brute (Build 2, Smashing/Lethal Farm Focus, i.e., Portal Corp missions)





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Hello Glacier Peak and thank you for that info. Will absolutely give it a run when I get ingame tomorrow. 👍👍


For info, the farm I am using as above, 17655, rewards as follows:

Solo runs - Minions       4172 xp      5840 inf

                    Lts                8544       20504

                    Bosses        25632      64081


Will need to see how that compares to the other farms.


Watch this space 💰💰💰💰🥳

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I did some results testing last year on Briggs' Bloody Rainbow Fire Farm, ID 125, and posted the results in this thread if that would be of any help.

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