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Victory Rush questions

Fatal Tech

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I can't find much in the way of current information on Victory Rush.  Most of what I find via forum search are old threads talking about it being buggy and not really understanding what the power does or how it behaves.


I've seen the following from various threads:


  • It's only beneficial if targeted off a Boss or higher.
  • It's recharge time isn't enhanceable.
  • It accepts endurance mods but they apparently don't have any effect.
  • Doesn't effect pets.


Is all this still true?


A few other questions:

  • I'm unclear if any procs actually trigger or if they would even be worth it.  I assume there is a high chance they fire, but with such a high recharge, I assume it's not really worth it?
  • Are the values the same on all classes?


I have a power selection at 49 that I dont have much need for and I'm debating Victory Rush and Teleport Target.  Would love to try VR but if it's a waste I dont want to bother with a respec almost immediately.






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The benefits depend on the rank of (defeated) foe.  It'll still work on Minions and Lts. 

The recharge isn't enhanceable. 

It ignores enhancements.

City of Data says: Player Teammate (alive), Self.


CoD says: "Ignores enhancements and other boosts".   I'm assuming that means procs, but not entirely sure.

Seems to be the same regardless of Archtype.


With the number of respecs we get, you can see if it gets any use.  However, few level 50 teams need additional +Recovery and -End Cost.   So highly situational.  I could see it being quite beneficial when Incarnates aren't available though.  Plenty of high level builds rely on Ageless.



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It's a pretty decent one slot wonder if you really need the extra end support and other options aren't appealing.


However it is fiddly to use. The main issue is that you can't create a macro that only targets boss or Lt corpses, so you have to manually target to make it worthwhile. If it hits a minion it is useless. I have tried it a few times and it worked, but always end up respeccing out.


As far as the effect goes on LTs or Bosses, it's very strong. I used it on my Demon/Dark MM who has tons of toggles and expensive attacks with no special end tools. Popping VR on LT or Boss allowed me to spam attacks/other powers to my heart's content, and MM attacks are intentionally overpriced on end usage.

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12 hours ago, rksr9997 said:

I have this 6 slotted with Preemptive Optimization. I guess that was a really worthless use of slots and enhancers.

     Not necessarily if the set bonuses are good for the overall build.  Might not be ideal but worthless doesn't always follow either.  Really depends on the build as a whole.  May want to start a thread posting up your build for comment and suggestion.  Fortunately respecs are readily available so if the consensus is in fact oops changing things up is a ready option.

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20 minutes ago, Troo said:




>> Character Copy <<


Save yourself a respec. Take your character to one of the test servers and try it out.

I also thought there was a way to auto level with some command and then some menu pop to get any IOs you want

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3 minutes ago, plainguy said:

I also thought there was a way to auto level with some command and then some menu pop to get any IOs you want



Though if you've already leveled up to where there is a choice. Copying over and making one power selection is wicked easy. (that's at least my thought)

"Homecoming is not perfect but it is still better than the alternative.. at least so far" - Unknown  (Wise words Unknown!)

Si vis pacem, para bellum

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My team compliment is:

Dark/Dark tank

Earth/Kin troller

Rad/Rad corruptor

Elec/Cold corruptor

Pistols/Martial blaster
Psi/-- scrapper (uncertain their defense)
Dark/Fire defender (me)


We have speed boost, but I'm still seeing some request for endurance... the Dark will get Dark Consumption and she's most of where the request comes from, but I'm wondering if picking up Victory Rush would be good for me (already have Tactics and Assault)

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