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Excelsior Crashed


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12 hours ago, Snarky said:

only Excelsior just now

Cipher is on it. Something technical I didn't understand a word of involving the people who host our servers, but apparently it's more an annoying glitch than a catastrophe

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Clave's Sure-Fire Secrets to Enjoying City Of Heroes
Ignore those farming chores, skip your market homework, play any power sets that you want, and ignore anyone who says otherwise.
This game isn't hard work, it's easy!
Go have fun!
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I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if 632 voices suddenly cried out in terror and were silenced.

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Well, which is it, young feller?  You want I should freeze or get down on the ground?
If'n I freeze, I can't rightly drop.  And if'n I drop I'll be in motion.

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10 hours ago, Hyperstrike said:



..as felt by every fire farmer who had to wonder "maybe 5 accounts was too many"

"Homecoming is not perfect but it is still better than the alternative.. at least so far" - Unknown  (Wise words Unknown!)

Si vis pacem, para bellum

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