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In-game Badge Tracker


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Here's a little tool I made for myself a while back because I have alt-itis and I hate alt+tabbing back and forth from the wiki to get accolade powers.


This is far from feature-complete, but has done what I've wanted from it for a long time.


My question to the forum folks is: would this be of interest to people as a more complete version? Perhaps a "by zone" section for badgers like myself?


Best to just try it out:



  1. Close out City of Heroes client.
  2. Create the following directory (unless it's already there): <Install Location>\Homecoming\data\texts\English\Menus
  3. Drag and drop the test.mnu file to that location.
  4. Start City of Heroes
  5. Create a macro to call the menu like so:
    /macro someName "popmenu Accolade"
    You can also make a keybind if you prefer that:
    /bind keyName "popmenu Accolade"


  6. Call the menu


The idea behind it is to use existing game functionality (not modifying game files) to allow for a quickly browsable list of useful badges, which are completed, which are required, and instructions/thumbtacks/portals/etc to get them quickly.

For now, it's just for accolade powers, but I'm curious to hear the community's feedback and thoughts on the idea of expanding it into something more.



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With this macro, using the attached popmenu file, you can see at a glance what you need for each badge, and each accolade. 

I believe @AboveTheChemist is the chap that came up with this very useful popmenu, and has been kind enough to update in good time after each patch. 

Not to discount your efforts - but I think this does what you want. Here's an example: 


I can see at a glance that my level 46 brute just needs to finish with the AVs to complete Portal Jockey. 



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