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is streaming still strictly forbidden?

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is streaming or posting longer form public videos to youtube still strictly forbidden?


i got in trouble for it maybe 1-2y back, but see more and more little snips for things like pylon testing (and some 20m watch me use my mm ones).


so, its ok now? i dont need to worry?



-- honoroit, the renowned

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Video & Streaming Policy

You are permitted to upload and livestream gameplay footage from Homecoming, provided that:

  • Footage must not contain any content that violates the Code of Conduct, including (but not limited to) content that infringes any third-party copyrights, or other rules or guidelines that we may provide from time to time
  • All uploaded footage and live streams must be free to access for the viewer (however, standard monetization through platform-provided advertisements is permitted)

Check out this video that summarizes some of the key dos and don'ts when creating video content:

Any violations of these rules will result in action being taken against your account until the offending videos are taken offline. Continued violations will result in permanent action against your account and any other remedies available to us.

Although we allow for videos and livestreams (subject to the Code of Conduct), we cannot be held responsible for actions taken by third parties. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not break the rules of any video platform you choose to use, or otherwise infringe upon the rights of a third party.

Please keep in mind that Homecoming is still working to secure official use of the City of Heroes IP. Do not upload any footage which may portray the IP or Homecoming in a negative light, or we will be forced to revisit this policy.

It sounds like you haven't read the Code of Conduct.

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I didn't do anything but what it say in what you've posted from the code of conduct (thanks for that!)


I wasn't cursing, I don't say bad things in game.  It's a mystery.


I was listening to music in the background, but nothing with words in it or anything that'd trigger a copyright claim.


I don't use named characters from comics or other such stuff.


So I'm left with the glaring, the GM must have hassled me because they wanted to talk to me, probably because I'm so famous.


its a mystery!  so I'll proceed cautiously...

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The policy changed a year or two ago once HCs legal status became a little more steady.

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It's been allowed for the last 2+ years. Go nuts.

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