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RIP John Romita

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Everyone remembers that one panel: Mary Jane launched into Spidey's life in ways that still echoes down the Marvelous years.


93 is a grand old age, but it's still sad to note the passing of a comicbook legend. He'll be fondly remembered by many many fans from across generations and his work was seminal. Let's also recall he had a huge hand in the creation of many Marvel icons including Wolverine and the Punisher.


Thankyou John, rest well.

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In America you call them "elevators"

In the UK we call them "lifts"

I guess we're just raised differently

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I haven't drawn anything in quite a while, but for anyone who's ever been interested in doing comic work can never say that Romita Sr didn't have some kind of influence on them at some point. It is sad to see a legend go, but I respect the heck out of the career he left behind and the memories he'll leave lasting for generations to come.


This is a piece I did over a decade ago that strangely finds unfortunate relevance today. It's something that hangs on my wall for many different reasons, but I share it now as tribute to Romita for his influence on my work, in honor of one of his own.



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