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Force Multiplier Duo


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Hi Folks - On live my wife and I had a pair of Empathy/Elec Defenders. It was a slog reaching 32 but once there were would stack auras, give each other Adrenalin Boost, and lay waste to anyone before us. Great as a pair and obviously wonderful on a team. I was curious with the many new powersets released before shutdown if anyone has ideas as to two powersets as a duo would have a similar benefit? It sounds like Time would be similar with stacked Farsight, Chrono Shift, and then giving Temporal Selection to each other...


Would love to hear your ideas!

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Time absolutely is fantastic when stacked. Assuming you both take leadership, here is what you can achieve:



2x Farsight (25% defense, 38.5% defense when slotted)

2x Maneuvers (7% defense, 10% when slotted)


So that alone gets you two to softcapped defense with a little extra to spare.



2x Chronoshift (100% recharge)

1x Temporal Selection (30% recharge)

1x Hasten (70% recharge)


With some simple slotting you'll easily hit perma-Hasten/Farsight/Chronoshift, so a perma 200% recharge and softcap defense without even applying set IOs. Hitting the 400% recharge cap is certainly a possibility assuming 90-115% recharge from enhancements/alpha and the rest from set IOs.



1x Temporal Selection (31.25% damage boost)

2x Assault (37.5% damage boost)


A nearly "very nice" 69% damage boost to all attacks.



2x Farsight (25% To Hit, 38% when slotted)

2x Tactics (25% To Hit, 38% when slotted)


With a base accuracy of 75% and an extra 76% added To Hit, you will hardly ever miss with your attacks.


To Hit Debuff

You already are softcapped defense, so this is just extra protection in case of defense debuffs or occasional lapses.


2x Time's Juncture (31% To Hit Debuff, 47.5% when slotted)


Defense Debuff

2x Slowed Response (50% defense debuff, when slotted, even debuff resistance won't prevent you from doing them dirty)


Honestly, I'm not sure what the number for defense debuff resistance should be. Pines shows 80% defense debuff when slotted, but the enhancements say they would improve the debuff by over 100%, which would results in over 100% defense debuff. So not sure if there is a bug in Pines or if my formula is wrong.


Resistance Debuff


2x Slowed Response (60% resistance debuff)


Pair this with sonic attack and you could absolutely decimate your opponent's healthbar. Treat resistance debuffs as a damage multiplier, so 60% resistance debuff is 60% more damage you would have done with 0% resistance debuff. Keep in mind, I'm not saying it's a damage boost (so not the equivalent of +60% damage boost). Typically a resistance debuff of X% will always result in more damage dealt than a damage boost of X%.


Damage Debuff


2x Time's Juncture (50% damage debuff)


This is the form of a PBAoE, so ranged attacks will still be full strength. Nonetheless, if you wanted to tank as 2 Time Defenders, you easily can stand toe--to-toe with anyone.


Other stuff

The 2 Time's Junctures and 2 Distortion Fields will be able to stack into a virtual immobilize, so feel free to jump into melee range with the mob and lock them down from running away. Their recharge will be floored too, so you likely will not see any of their attacks more than once.



Personally, I think 2 Time/Sonic Defenders duo-ing would lay waste to anything. The stacking -res will melt an AV, just load up on damage procs for the extra DPS, as you literally will not need anything else.

PPM Information Guide               Survivability Tool                  Interface DoT Procs Guide

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Bopper's Tools & Formulas                         Mids' Reborn                       

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That's the thing about defenders, any combination produces great results. mixed or matched.


Think about 2 naff defenders. Just Wild growth and you get 378% regen and about 46% resist to all. Add in Overgrowth and you come up to 56% tohit, 165% damage and about 150% end redux.


It's all awesome when defenders work together. :)

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I'm going to second the suggestion for 2x Time/Sonic Defenders. Bopper already laid out pretty much everything that's so great about the combo, but there's something I'd like to add:


  • Mez isn't an issue. Sure, you might get stunned or held or something every now and then, but because Farsight is a buff and not a toggle, it won't suppress and you'll still have extremely high Defense even while held. Consequently you won't actually be in danger. Add in a couple of set bonuses (or Power Build Up, that thing is GREAT with Time), and you'll be soft capped even while mezzed.
  • For maximum hilariousness, get Shockwave and slot it with the KB->KD enhancement. With the insane recharge from double Chrono Shift + Hasten you can just keep cycling Howl -> Shockwave, and with two of you doing that the enemies are going to spend 90% of their time on their butts.
  • If there's something that can still pose a danger to you, you have the opportunity to use 2x Time Stop / 2x Screech and instantly remove anything up to a boss from the fight.


Damn, if I didn't already have a /Time Corruptor I'd probably go make a Time/Sonic duo with my buddy right now.


Sunsinger - Fire/Time Corruptor

Cursebreaker - TW/Elec Brute

Coldheart - Ill/Cold Controller

Mythoclast - Rad/SD Scrapper


Give a man a build export and you feed him for a day, teach him to build and he's fed for a lifetime.

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This thread has inspired me. A buddy and I are going to make two Time Defenders to play together. I'm going Sonic and he wants to use Dual Pistols. Now to cobble together some builds and see what we can come up with.


Thought I would chime back in as well. This thread pretty much made the combo a no-brainer for us. We already got started and things are already feeling obscene as we just got Farsight. This duo is going to go places - thank you everyone for your input!

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