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Raevyn's Guide to Base Teleporters (or, See the World on Less Than 5 Inf a Day)


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So helpful. I hooked up all the villain zone beacons to the teleporter but i was getting an error out of edit mode. "No beacons attached". I switched my alignment tio vigilante and they worked. It is odd the error said no beacons attached instead of something related to the actual issue. Thanks for the helpful post.

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First, I will state this is a very good threat and does have some good advanced ideas for those that love to build bases and use their creative skills in do so.  I use to have a very nice base back in Live with all the bells and whistles.  Now coming back after all these years things have changed for me in Homecoming as you do not need prestige for everything anymore and you do not have to worry about such things as Energy and Control in your base.  Also, Supergroups were a big plus in Live and having a lot of members was almost a must.  In Homecoming this is not a big necessity as you can basically build your base anyway you want it for free and keep it all to yourself without having to have a good membership base to bring home that once coveted prestige.


Thus I have taken a fairly easy route in building my base as I would rather spend time actually playing these days than trying to make something that is nicely craft and looks like a million dollars when I am going to be the only one that enjoys it.  I basically have only two rooms with only the essentials.  In one room I have the teleporting devices for Hero zones and in the other Teleporting devices for the Villain zones.  In those rooms there are all the other items that are a must have such as shelves and storage etc.  


Basically the bottom line is that base building is now essentially free and setting things up for yourself in a way that works best for for you is the way to go, regardless of how simple or how complex you chose to make it.  The most important thing...have fun.

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