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Scorpian Shield needs +resist (for set IOs)

Razor Cure

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Frozen Armour and Scorpion shield are basically the same values, S/L def and either energy or cold resist. As teh ONLY +def epic/patron shields we can get, I much prefer SS, for the name and the awesome purple color.


Frozen Armour can take resist sets, because for some reason the +resist portion is enhanceable, even though I cant imagine many people wasting slots on that stat. This means the power can take the 2 +def uniques (and other +res goodies), making it a clear winning.

Can we please get ScopShield able to slot the same?

Make the +res enhanceable so it can take Resist Sets.

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6 hours ago, Haijinx said:

Im guessing this is so people can skip the fighting pool. 


Fighting pool seems like its the unflavor of the month.  



ANd why is skipping a pool a bad thing? The fighting pool is ok for what it does, but needing to take a crappy attack to get anything good from it, seriously limits the use. I am suggesting that Scorp is AS flexible as the only only Def based epic shield, in what kinda IOs it can take.

6 hours ago, kelly Rocket said:

Scorpion Shield doesn't have any +res to be enhanceable.

Check your facts. It has some toxic Resist.

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4 minutes ago, Haijinx said:



I find i always have too many powers and not enough slots.  


Losing one to boxing does not seem like such a loss as people make out.  


I was more commenting on the sudden disaffection than anything else. 

This is true..but a lot of sets have 9 mostly good or better powers..or ones that work just fine with teh base slot (like kinetics with IR and the 2 siphons)

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