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Update from the Homecoming Team (April 25th)


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Hey folks!


Hope you’ve all been enjoying yourselves thus far, it’s been a pretty incredible 24 hours!


Before we get started, we’d like to share a couple of stats. So as of a couple of hours ago:

  • Peak player count was just over 3,300
  • 16,839 accounts have been created
  • 26,262 characters have been made
  • 255,685,139 XP has been earned
  • 293,306,562 influence held by characters
  • The highest level player is Dacaleos, a level 39 Brute
  • Origins:
    • 7,475 Magic
    • 5,647 Mutation
    • 4,712 Natural
    • 4,204 Science
    • 4,136 Technology



    • 3,482 Blasters
    • 3,435 Brutes
    • 3,350 Masterminds
    • 3,123 Scrappers
    • 2,263 Controllers
    • 2,129 Tankers
    • 1,823 Defenders
    • 1,625 Corruptors
    • 1,334 Sentinels
    • 1,212 Dominators
    • 935 Stalkers
    • 436 Peacebringers
    • 401 Warshades
    • 394 Arachnos Soldiers
    • 246 Arachnos Widows


The Homecoming Team

Who exactly is behind this server has been one of the biggest questions we’ve received. The project is being headed up by Cipher and Rigo, with assistance from Leo. There are several others involved in actually keeping the server online and running, but they all wish to remain behind the scenes at this time. We would like to clarify again, however, that the Homecoming team is not controlled by or affiliated with any current Discord server or The Titan Network.



There have been many questions about Leandro’s involvement with this server. We want to make it clear that Leo is not directly involved in the administration/moderation of the server, he is only providing technical support. Without a lot of hard work from Leo there is no way this server would be online right now - he has been an incredible help to the team.



We’ve recruited a couple of GameMasters to ensure everyone is able to continue enjoying the game in a clean, respectful, and welcoming environment. What does that mean? Well, we are currently working on both a player and a GameMaster code of conduct, which we will hopefully be able to share with you soon.


In the meantime, a general rule of thumb should be “Would I have been able to get away with this on the live server?” If not, then don’t do it!


We would like to thank our GM team for all of the work they have put in so far; they have done a fantastic job and we look forward to continuing to work with them.

  • GM ArachnosPhobia
  • GM-Naysmith
  • GM Widower
  • GM Reliquary
  • GM Jimmy
  • GM Bio
  • GM Dredd
  • GM Xellx



If you see any of them around, please feel free to say hi! Please be aware that they’re still currently learning how to use their powers, and are awaiting the admins to unlock further powers when everything calms down.


If you see anyone else sporting a ‘GM’ name, they are not actual GMs. Please shun them and report them to an online GM. We are working on a solution to allow players to anonymously report false GMs and problematic players.



We’re currently investigating how the community is able to financially support this server in a way that doesn’t put us in any legal jeopardy. The server is currently costing around $2100 per month, but there’s a reasonable chance we may have to scale up further for stability. In order to sustain the load from last night without major issues, the cost would likely go up to around $2700 a month.


Can’t say much more on this right now though, so stay tuned!



Many of you have been asking how long this server will be around, and if there will be a character wipe at some point. The short answer to both of those questions is that we do not know yet.


Our primary long-term goal is to ensure that the community has a stable server that we can all enjoy together in perpetuity. Right now we cannot say if his server will be that, but we are not closed off to that possibility. If for whatever reason that primary goal requires us to shut this server down or wipe the character database, then we will do that.


Outside of fulfilling that goal, we don’t foresee any reason why a character wipe would need to occur.



The amount of load on the servers means that we’ll probably need to restart the server regularly and sometimes unexpectedly. Crashes and short rollbacks are likely to happen in the event of an unexpected restart or problem. We are actively working to address this but it does take time. In the meantime we will continue to communicate when we’re aware of ongoing problems and impending restarts.


Going Forwards

We’ll continue to post updates every couple of days until things calm down. We’re going to work on improving our communication channels as well in order to get news and information out to all of you in a much smoother manner.


In the meantime… Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.



- The Homecoming Team

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Got time to spare? Want to see Homecoming thrive? Consider volunteering as a Game Master!

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May i ask if base building is allowed yet? Part of my game was building and with how things stand wasn't sure if the server could handle multiple SG's building bases.


Thanks :)  (and also a big thanks to GM Jimmy for getting me my ouroboros portal, i will pay that forward to others)

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Keep up the good work, we support you!  Hopefully Patreon or something of that nature in the future gives you an avenue for us to contribute to the project and keep servers up and running!


As a player that played at launch, but didn't stay around long (for bugs and lack of content) i am REALLY enjoying getting into the game thus far and learning things....


Cant wait for the youtube and twitch community to get hold and start making content so i can learn WTF to do! lol



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Let me also say, THANK YOU!  What this game meant to a lot of us can never be fully explained as words wouldnt do it justice.  I was able to play over the weekend on the first test server and again, last night on this server, and the entire time I was running around, I had the cheesiest grin on my face that would just not go away. 


You are all heroes to us and have done what many of us believed that we would never see again.  Again, Thank you!!

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Possible funding solution. Definitely not ideal, but it could give you a layer of separation between the actual server and revenue generation. Have some of the "official" folks stream game play and put tips/donations to the streamer toward server upkeep.


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You lot are amazing! I'm nearly in tears even typing this. This game got me through one of the absolute worst periods of my life.

I'm not lying when I say that I might not have made it through if a friend hadn't convinced me to play as a means of distraction, outlet, etc.

Now, all these years later, at 44 years old with 3 grown kids, I feel like a kid again! Thank you all so much. It really means the world! <3

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Thank you guys for the dedication and passion for this game. After all the drama, I'm almost shocked the whole team just didn't say F it and shut it down, and walk away as most other teams would have. This type of thing is what sets the truly dedicated apart, and is reminiscent of the passion of the people that played this as their main game until shutdown, my-self included. It's neither here nor there, but I can't fathom why it was shutdown in the first place, it certainly wasn't financial. I've seen the shareholder reports from back then and CoH was still making more money than most if not all of the other games under NCSoft's umbrella at the time. Regardless, that doesn't matter now. Once again, thank you for putting up with us and the continuing dedication to this great game.

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3,300 individual players and only need 2700 of them to donate 1 dollar a month.  Would Patreon be legal?


Any direct revenue generation would be looked at unfavorably. That's always been the sticky wicket for non-Russian servers.

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This is FANTASTIC. Thanks to everyone on the Homecoming team. I'd also like to say that I LOVE the name of the team! It's perfect. I'm willing to contribute my time in any capacity. I've already contacted the admins, but I've heard nothing. I can understand keeping things close to the chest right now, but if there's any way that I or anyone else can help in a manner that doesn't challenge or disrupt the new Homecoming community, game, forums, and server, please let us know, because I'm sure there's LOTS of people here that would be willing to spend their time helping the cause.

I'm out.
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Excellent update.

Personally, I am not afraid to help the team financially but I would want some assurances that the money will be under the control of a dedicated financial team that will know how to budget properly.


I am so incredibly excited to be playing again.  At first I thought that the nostalgia would wear off and the fact that I'd played AAA titles with the best graphics possible would sway me back to them.

But to tell you the truth, all I want to do is play COH now. It feels so good, and the complexities are so deep that I wonder how you could get bored with this game.  (outside of farming AE all dang day.... zzzz)


All that being said, Thank you for your efforts.  It's appreciated, even the trolls appreciate it I'm sure.  :-P



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