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  1. thanks very much for the update. i noticed touch of death in boxing could be taken done to 5. as the bonuses weren't needed as melee and s/l were already at or past the 45 def cap. so i put the extra slot in physical perfection for 12% more regen. this i think is what i'll go with. fantastic build ty.
  2. is this still going on? i need the pentad badge still and rarely see anyone on doing this.
  3. Hi i wanted to report a bug i have found while doing mothership raids with my masterminds. if i start the raid with my pets summoned they will follow me around as we destroy pylons. if i fly over the ship. my pets will follow me of course and then dematerialize on the shield. i can then no longer summon any of my pets unless i log out and relogin with that character. Hopefully this will be enough to earn the bug reporting badge on my main toon dw sanat kumara.
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